Gun Control Advocates Ignore Reality Named “Chicago”

SCENE 1: 13 Shot in Navy Yard
Monday everyone watched breathlessly as news reports followed a shooting in a military facility where 13 (including the gunman) lost their lives in a hail of gunfire. Journalists, Democrats and other leftwing creatures quickly began to soberly debate the whether to blame AR15s or the NRA for the violence.

You can always depend on the media. There is no such critter as an AR15 Shotgun.
Media at work. There is no “AR15 Shotgun”. Anywhere.

The only one shot with an AR15 was the gunman, but that point eluded those who mounted podiums to call for a ban on “military style assault weapons”. There was great consternation when it turned out the guy used a shotgun. Ruined the narrative, but the talk traversed to a mythical instance of the gunman TRYING to buy an AR15 and getting turned down. A triumph for gun laws at last! That story, like the AR15 he supposedly used, proved false too.

Still the calls for gun control rage on, fueled by the Navy Yard shooting, where unfortunately we had Marines who could have returned fire… had they not been disarmed by a politically correct policy.

SCENE 2: 13 Shot in Chicago Park
Apparently the shooting in Chicago will not be the primary focus for the gun-grabber crowd, as shootings in Chicago are actually rather commonplace. Chicago has 2 claims to fame on that score. It is the gun control capitol of the US. It is also the shooting crime capitol of the US… per the FBI.

Meanwhile, Chicago holds dual titles, Gun Control Capital of the Nation, and Gun Violence Capital

Despite having a virtual ban on firearms in the hands of civilians, in 2012 there were more shooting deaths in Chicago than US troops lost in Afghanistan. So if the gun control crowd were swayed by actual statistics they’d quit telling us citizens need to be subject to Chicago style gun laws and just issue all non-criminals a select fire M-16 and body armor. That model is apparently safer than their Chicago tactics.

Just another note on failed gun laws…

The guy Chicago elected to clean up the problem in 2011 was Obama’s advisor Rahm Emmanuel. He’s implemented more gun control, and the crime wave increased massively. But hey, why pay attention to reality?

Rahm "Never let a good crisis go to waste Emmanuel and friend
Rahm “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Emmanuel and friend

Gun grabbers have their idea of how things *should* be, and they are never deterred by pesky little things like “facts”.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

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