Vote SKINNER – Senate Dist 10 Tuesday March 4



This is the primary, but in a NORMAL year the winner of the GOP primary will probably win the race. There are FIVE running in the GOP primary, and as I stated in my endorsement, I believe Mark SKINNER is the best qualified of the lot. He isn’t the one with all the big name endorsements, he’s the one with actual experience and a track record of excellence running a TRUE grassroots campaign.

Typically less than 1 in 10 registered voters will show up for the primary. That means your vote not only counts, the value is multiplied by TEN. You could literally sway an election if your entire circle of friends gets active and starts inviting people, and getting them to invite people to vote.

Here’s a map to the polls:

With 5 running in the primary, this vote will be split MANY directions and I doubt any one candidate will get over 50%, so there will probably be a runoff. But here’s the trick… if you don’t at least make the runoff, GAME OVER.

google_plus_mark_skinnerMark’s the kind of person we can seldom talk into getting involved in a role like this. We have a good opportunity to get someone in this role, previously held by a liberal Democrat, and get Tarrant County some REAL representation in Austin.

I can’t tell you SKINNER will win if you vote for him, but simply put, if you and your friends don’t, he probably won’t. Races don’t automatically go to the best qualified, they go to the person that gets people to show up. If you get people to show up to vote for SKINNER… maybe we can have a happy coincidence where the best person DOES win.

Take the time to make it out to vote. This is a good cause.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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