BUNDY RANCH: “Right vs Wrong” meets “Legal vs Illegal”

armed german soldiersYou can change laws to make an action “legal” or “illegal”

For instance:

— Troops herding Jews onto cattle cars were enforcing the law.
— Those executing those Jews were enforcing the law.
— Schindler’s actions to save those Jews were ILLEGAL.


“RIGHT” on the other hand… is not subject to legislation

You can’t make right wrong by changing a law any more than you can repeal the law of gravity. If it comes down to a choice of being right or being legal, one must make a decision. Our society all too often encourages us to make the wrong one.

If you think a Nazi metaphor (see “Godwin’s Law) is an over-reaction, remember:

-1- Harry Reid described those supporting Bundy as “domestic terrorists”.

-2- A well known 2009 memo at DHS describes a HUGE number of Americans as potential “rightwing extremists” and potential threats to national security. Makes Reid’s claim stronger.

-3- NDAA grants (illegally in my opinion) the president the ability to ignore the bill of rights in response to terrorists that threaten national security (even US citizens) allowing arrest without charge, indefinite detention, and use of deadly force.

blm troopsSo what Harry Reid said wasn’t just a slur, it was a threat of deadly force

Think about it. If the BLM troops (which the law says shouldn’t exist in the first place) had mowed down that crowd of cowboys in cold blood, many of whom were unarmed, there is a case to be made that such actions would have been “legal”.

Based on chatter from liberals, there’s apparently a crowd that thinks there’s also a case to be made that it would have been “right”. On that we disagree.

There is an important distinction between “legal” and what is “right”

In my observation, society often encourages us to make the wrong choice. Don’t be a lemming. Think for yourself. If a thousand voices AND the law say wrong is right… it is STILL wrong.

Use your brain. Legal and Right are not synonyms.

They may often be the same… but sometimes they aren’t even close. Remember that.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


2 thoughts on “BUNDY RANCH: “Right vs Wrong” meets “Legal vs Illegal”

  1. It’s a shame that after living in excess of a half century in these United States, I have reached a place where I can not only no longer trust the government, but prudence dictates that I should fear them. It’s as if I woke up in the Twilight Zone. God help us all.


  2. In today’s news, Obama was in Japan telling them we absolutely WILL back them in the event China poses a threat, and you know very well the Japanese were thinking “Yeah, and if you like your plan you can KEEP your plan… PERIOD! That’s our promise, nobody can take that away from you”.

    At the same time, Biden was in Ukraine saying the US will NEVER accept a divided Ukraine. Newsflash, we already have. Russia isn’t *thinking* about taking Crimea, they HAVE Crimea. Biden’s statement is meaningless words with nothing to back them. Will the US militarily kick Russia out? Seems unlikely.

    Our allies no longer trust us, our enemies no longer fear us. Anyone that hears this administration and takes their words at face value simply ignores reality. Our government is out of control, and their assurances to the contrary are meaningless. Completely, utterly meaningless.


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