BUNDY RANCH: Harry Reid Connection II

dirty harryIn a previous post I voiced shock that Fox and Brietbart both dismissed the idea of there being a connection between the solar projects the Reid family is involved with (with the Chinese) and the paramilitary assault on the Bundy Ranch. [See post]

The reason they dismissed it… because the proposed projects were many miles away.

I pointed out the docs scrubbed from the BLM website did NOT name the area Bundy was grazing as the site of the project. The land Bundy’s cattle graze were named as the “offsite mitigation zone”.

In other words… the solar project will kill turtles (OK, desert tortoises). To get around that prohibition, we safeguard those tortoises elsewhere. The elsewhere in this case, the land where the Bundy cattle were grazing.

Here’s a video where Judge Jeanine Shapiro explains the mitigation zone.
Watch the video: http://video.foxnews.com/v/3512140672001/judge-jeanine-oh-to-put-dirty-harry-under-oath/

So basically… Harry Reid and sons are neck deep up to his wattle in this mess
Let’s remember:

-1- The BLM is not allowed to use a private army for their enforcement needs… they are required to utilize local law enforcement. They didn’t. So if you think this is about “rule of law”, guess again.

-2- The newly appointed head of BLM, a guy confirmed despite having very limited experience at BLM, is a former top aid to (drumroll please) Harry Reid. Just as he hits the position, the troops descended on Bundy.

-3- If there wasn’t a link between Harry and the land, why was the BLM so quick to scrub their website of the apparent connection, and then when their google cache was found, they scrubbed that clean too?

You don’t hide evidence of innocence, you hide evidence of guilt.

Hope you rot in prison, Harry
If there’s justice, you’ll room with a lonely rancher, and he does to you what you’ve been doing to the country. You have no business being in a position of public trust, you sad little thug.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


2 thoughts on “BUNDY RANCH: Harry Reid Connection II

  1. Don’t expect the Dept of Justice to ever even pay close attention to, much less investigate, anything Reid does so long as Holder is the attorney General and Obama is president. Should the GOP take the White House he might get some attention… But I doubt Harry will pay for his deeds during his lifetime. No doubt he will afterward.


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