If Govt is arming for bear, how should we respond?

MRAPs are designed for "asynchronous warfare"... aka "an insurgency"
MRAPs are designed for “asynchronous warfare”… aka “an insurgency”


Regardless of WHY the government is preparing for civil unrest, the indisputable point is that they’re doing it. It isn’t “conspiracy theorists” alone pointing out that DHS alone purchased 20 times the ammo the US Army expended the hottest year of the Iraq war.

Notwithstanding explanations that make “I read Playboy for the articles” sound credible, they’re scared of something, not stocking up for target practice. Their purchases are heavy on hollow points, frangibles and “sniper” ammo.

Coupled with the other military hardware being gobbled up by domestic agencies… body armor, night vision equipment, Barrett .50 rifles, MRAPs designed for asynchronous warfare… they are arming for a serious fight and they don’t expect it to be easy.

There are a couple of very good articles written by bank industry insiders in the past year that say the probable reason the government expects unrest is they are anticipating another and profoundly worse economic collapse.

Think about the day the EBT cards went down for a few hours recently, then imagine the reaction if ONLY that happened, but lasted longer. Riots would be the result.

Now expand that to the rest of the citizens in the event of a financial collapse. People in cities have no food source but the store. What happens when their VISA wont work? What happens if shelves go empty? How soon before people without food start to break windows to obtain it?

Once windows start breaking in a riot… does it typically trail off quickly, or escalate? Traditionally breaking windows are followed by fires, overturned cars, violence, generalized looting.

If the govt is preparing for an economic collapse appended by a crash of society that requires martial law to restore order… the wise thing to do would be for us to have a plan for the same and prepare accordingly.

That would include a plan to exit the city, a place to go, provisions in the event food/gas is not available… and arms to protect all the above. If things break down, ownership will quickly devolve into a simple matter of possession.

Life isn’t fair. It won’t matter HOW well prepared you are if someone else can simply take it away.  In the probable case scenario of a societal collapse, even a brief one… Be prepared to deal with that reality.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.



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