VA Scandal? Naaaah.

Before the press conference, a group photo of the networks. (L-R) ABC, NBC, CBS
Before the press conference, a group photo of the networks. (L-R) ABC, NBC, CBS

Presidential Press Conference:
If you haven’t spotted the well worn path (possibly due to a closed head injury or tragic boating accident that deprived the brain of oxygen)… we have seen the standard response pattern:

  • – I just heard about this on the news
  • -I’m enraged. This is disgraceful
  • – Those responsible will must be punished
  • – We have an on-going investigation, we’ll get to the bottom of this


Nobody of consequence will be fired. Some involved may in fact be promoted if they do a good enough job of covering up. In a month or two those running the place won’t even be able to identify who is leading “the investigation”. The only people that will get in serious trouble are whistleblowers. Welcome to “transparency”.

After a suitable time period passes, this will cease to be an “outrage” and become “a phony scandal” “dreamed up by political partisans”.

There you go. Saves you from having to follow the VA scandal. So some veterans died and the guys that covered it up got bonuses.

If you’re annoyed, you’re a racist.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “VA Scandal? Naaaah.

  1. I really do need a “LIKE” button on here for comments like that. Yeah… you seem to have the routine figured out.

    Technically what you’re saying isn’t even a joke. Based on the 2009 memo from DHS… opposing Obama (or as they termed it, “the first black president”) makes you a potential “right wing extremist”.

    Sorta convenient to be able to label your political opponents as national security risks, particularly right before passing NDAA provisions allowing the president to ignore due process required in the bill of rights when dealing with those he deems terrorists.


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