The GOP CUT VA Health Spending! [Ummm… no.]

dad whats math 2ECONOMICS 101: What is “Spending”?
I won’t name any names, but someone that stood beside me at our wedding used to think spending one hundred bucks on something on sale for 50% off didn’t mean she spent $100 that day, it meant she’d SAVED us one hundred dollars.

Reality: No… she SPENT $100.

Spending is what you pay out
Just spending less than you might have spent is not CUTTING spending.

The hardcore Obama groupies say the problem in the VA scandal is the GOP CUT spending on VA Health. Easy enough to check. What are the Federal budget spending numbers for VA Health med care in 2008 vs 2013?

  • 2008: Hospital and medical care for veterans = $37 Billion (SOURCE)
  • 2013: Hospital and medical care for veterans = $52.5 Billion (SOURCE)

Hmm… so a 42% INCREASE is a spending CUT?

SIMPLE FACT: Throwing money at a problem isn’t a “fix
Increasing a budget CAN be part of a “fix”, but it isn’t a fix. Increasing cash to the VA healthcare doesn’t begin to suggest Obama was serious when he campaigned on his “sense of urgency” about this. As in the case of the most expensive non-working website in history, he threw money at it in huge numbers, and HOPED things would work without ever checking.

“Hope” is nice, but it isn’t a strategy, and it darn sure isn’t leadership.

MANAGEMENT 101: “Inspect what you Expect”
Leadership isn’t about money, it’s about obtaining favorable RESULTS.

  • Oversight is important.
  • Holding people accountable is important.
  • Setting an example of careful use of resources is important.

Obama knows none of this because he’s never run so much as a lemonade stand. He campaigned about how he’d fix this problem, but had no experience actually running things, so he just spent more money without oversight and without accountability.

And all the while the executive branch from the White House down spent money on lavish trinkets and baubles and giveaways to their friends like spoiled children with their daddy’s credit card.

OBAMA-MATH-IS-HARD-HOPE-IS-EASYFor the record… it’s not daddy’s card, it’s your unborn grandchild’s
Spending future generations into the poorhouse isn’t going to fix the problems we face. Electing experienced, effective leaders is our only chance.

The time is past when we can afford empty suits with the ability to read teleprompters. We don’t need leaders elected based on the joy of seeing “the first {whatever} elected president”. If you elect people based on anything but a track record of positive results, frankly you’re too stupid to vote.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “The GOP CUT VA Health Spending! [Ummm… no.]

  1. Understood. I held my nose when I voted for McCain… I’m getting real tired of having to be reminded the lesser of two evils is *still* evil.

    Romney, though not my idea of a conservative, was head and shoulders above Obama. Ex governor, corporate CEO. He has/had executive skills. Even with a term under his belt Obama was a political neophyte who knew as much about economics as he does particle physics. Plus Romney would have respected the constitution and wouldn’t have sucked up to the same people we’ve been at war with for a decade.

    Basically it’d be hard to find anyone quite as poorly suited for the presidency as Obama, though based on her term at the state dept Hillary is fairly close.

    I’d really like to see the GOP either freakin die so we can replace it or start fielding candidates that actually represent the right-wing of the nation, instead of trying to play to the center. People that thrive on being a swing voter are the kind that vote for great teleprompter readers instead of looking at skills.


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