Barack shares a fantasy at West Point

QUOTE FROM Barack Obama’s West Point Commencement Speech:
By most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world.” 

obama west point

Seriously? Stronger?

  • In Iraq and Afghanistan… where you punted any possible gains in process of declaring the game won and turning to run?
  • Germany, where we got caught spying on their president?
  • Mexico? The guys holding a US Marine for missing his exit?
  • In Libya, where our diplomats can be murdered with impunity?
  • Israel, where we’re not trusted, and for good reason?
  • Iran, where they will soon be a nuclear power?
  • Egypt, where our embassy was attacked and burned?
  • China, who steals our secrets and holds our mortgage?
  • Surely Russia… where post-rest, Putin is starting to gobble countries like Tic-Tacs?

He then added his obligatory “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” disclaimer:

“Those who argue otherwise – who suggest that America is in decline, or has seen its global leadership slip away – are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics.”


brazil1Anyone ever watch Brazil?

Remember the part where the guy being tortured creates an alternate reality where he’s part of a winning attack on the facility in which he’s held? Suddenly he has great hair, he’s powerful, he can even fly?

Yeah… Barack Obama gets his mail there.

[Pelosi and Reid have been there for years.]

It’s so much more comfortable than reality.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “Barack shares a fantasy at West Point

  1. Well, considering I made straight “A’s” in every history course I ever took, I must be engaging in partisan politics then. Or I’m a racist or something.

    Or could it be that I’m smarter by a good margin than the clueless idiots who carry water for the Marxist/Socialist shaved ape.


  2. Kinda defies imagination that while we’re in a war with Muslim jihadists we elect a guy named Hussein that was schooled in a madrassa and has his Marxist leanings documented in an autobiography.

    Nobody ever went broke betting on the potential stupidity of the US electorate.


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