Bergdahl: Blame a video? Send out Susan Rice? Deja Vu

rerunsOn the Bergdahl for 5 Taliban leaders swap… recycled answers
Congress was brought in to see a “proof of life” video from December 2013 (that’s 6 months ago) that was the basis of the need to rush this swap without a 30 day notice.

I don’t know which is worse… their math, or the decision to blame a video again.

And they sent out Susan Rice to tell obvious whoppers on Sunday?
What the heck, are we in summer re-runs already?

Seriously, Harry Reid even broke out “What difference does it make”.

I’m envisioning the White House staff sitting around with a Magic 8 ball that gives them answers to use in a scandal:

  • – I learned about it on the news
  • – It was the right thing to do
  • – The GOP is just playing politics
  • – I have executive authority to do that
  • – Blame the intel community
  • – Send Susan Rice out on Sunday
  • – What difference does it make?
  • – Blame a video

Seriously, these clowns run our country?

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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