Obama Administration violates First Rule of Holes

digging manureFirst Susan Rice makes Sunday talk shows (that always goes well) claiming Bergdahl “served honorably and with distinction”.

[You know, except that whole capital offense desertion thing.]

Next… wet-behind-the-ears State Dept wench Marie Harf, who was maybe in elementary when the WTC fell arrogantly suggests the people in Bergdahl’s platoon are not a reliable source of information about what happened.

Then Obama’s staffers whined about “swiftboating” when reality messed up their rose garden photo op where a deserter was treated as a returning hero.

Now we have Brandon Friedman, deputy assistant secretary of public affairs at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, suggesting Bergdahl’s platoon mates, who inconveniently spilled the truth about Bergdahls “capture” and/or defection… might just be psychos.

So as you can see, the Obama administration continues to violate not only the laws of the country, but the first law of holes:

“When you find yourself in one…STOP DIGGING”.

By the way, I DO recognize what they’re shoveling. I’ve got horses.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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