President Obama Trades Gitmo Detainees for Laker Tickets


In a move that shocked some of his most ardent supporters on Capitol Hill, the president announced today that he’d traded 4 more high level Gitmo detainees to the Emir of Kuwait in exchange for “some really primo courtside Laker tickets”.

Quickly jumping to his defense, Fox news contributor Juan Williams pointed out the importance of relaxation for a man with the presidents pressing responsibilities, alleging that George Bush once traded 4 F-16 fighters to Egypt in exchange for a half-day camel ride and a tour of King Tut’s tomb. Said Williams… “This is clearly just another case of the GOP playing gotcha politics.”


Though lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressed displeasure that not only had the president not notified them of the swap 30 days prior, nor supplied any justification that suggests the senior Taliban commanders will not rejoin the battle against our troops… they did not seem to have an appetite to do anything about it.

The strongest response came from Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who boldly stated “I said before that if he traded any more prisoners without following the law, we would have to take strong measure. Today I renew that pledge. We really really mean it this time.”


As might be expected, MSNBC hailed this as a great presidential achievement while Fox News roundly condemned it. ABC News reported that there might be some question as to the legality, but they “hated to pre-judge it until there’s an investigation”.

CNN reported that in case you are unaware… the Malaysian airliner is still missing.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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