Iraq vs ISIS = Blame Bush?

CONGRESS BURNINGLet’s see… the Barbarians at the gate of our billion dollar embassy, bought with not only treasure but the blood of our military… are “freedom fighters” from Syria, which as memory serves were armed by our CIA in violation of law at the president’s direction.

They are led by a guy that was in US custody until Obama took office.

Our embassy hasn’t been evacuated, because “it is too politically sensitive” (ie – it’d make Obama look bad). Besides, despite the fact this is Iraq, and this takeover has been in progress all year, we apparently didn’t have any contingency plans for such an eventuality.

We have no military force in the country to defend them except the embassy guard, because Obama was in a hurry to exit. He sent Biden, a semi-competent on his best day, to secure a status of forces agreement allowing a residual force, and he failed. Obama exited anyway.

But we can’t put fresh boots on the ground to protect them because that too would make Obama look bad, since someone claimed we won already the war on terror (ie – bin laden is dead and al qaida is on the run”).

So now we are largely left trusting the locals to protect our diplomats for us, because that strategy worked so well in Benghazi.

Our choices if Malaki loses will either look like the fall of Saigon at best… or Benghazi mixed with the Iran Hostage crisis at worst… except this foe is known for sharing vivid execution videos on the net. Did I miss anything?

Meanwhile… the US southern border is under siege and overwhelmed, the IRS is defying subpoenas with excuses that sound like “the dog ate my emails”, nobody has been fired despite the VA fraud that has cost lives…

… and the Commander in Chief spent the weekend golfing and fundraising.

Conclusion: This is all the fault of George Bush.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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