The Case for Pistols at Dawn

My friend Allison posted the update below, which coincides with something I’d been considering.

I will never understand why it’s OK for others to make fun of my beliefs, my political opinions and my ideological heroes when I NEVER do that to them in return out of respect for diversity of thought and the sacredness of personal beliefs. Guess I don’t warrant the same respect. So noted.

I’m thinking one thing that would vastly improve society would be the revival of the now frowned-upon practice of the personal duel as a method of settling points of honor.


Before dismissing it out of hand, think about it. Some smarmy SOB runs out of supercilious arguments to support their latest specious claim and gets angry.

In keeping with current “progressive” policy, instead of conceding facts do not validate their kneejerk preconceptions, they immediately attempt to impugn your motives for rudely introducing “facts” that maliciously refuse to conform to their narrowly tailored world view… So they call you a racist.

Now if what you had said actually WAS racist, ie- predicated on a belief system the underlying assumptions of which involve false negative stereotypes that smear an entire race… Calling you a racist might be the obvious move.

That said, today if you disagree with ANYTHING a so-called progressive says… You are assumed to be racist by dint of the fact their president is bi-racial and a Democrat, therefore any view that is not supportive of his policies, vacation schedule, actions, inactions, or felonious conspiracies to obstruct justice are by definition “racism”.

The nightly dream of the TEA party... or so we're told by the same party that created the KKK and Jim Crow laws.
The nightly dream of the TEA party… or so we’re told by the same party that created the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

It matters not that nothing whatsoever in the conversation involved a racial component… Everything a person on the right says can be considered “dog whistle” racism.

For example, if you say “I disagree with the administration’s practice of selling massive amounts of weapons to Mexican drug lords”… This is, as any good Democrat can tell you, code for “Dear God why did we ever let the damn darkies off the plantations and why can’t we hang them like Jesus intended”.

Granted the “coded” message above has probably not actually been on the mind of anyone to whom it has been ascribed, or at least not in the years since it was essentially the basis of the DNC platform… But it is still the case that if you are anywhere to the right of Caesar Chavez, it’s assumed you pray that prayer each night before retiring to dream of cotton plantations lovingly tended by man-servants with glistening skin who sing in melodious chorus between whippings.

Now, given you probably never had that thought, much less prayed any KKK inspired prayers, you might take exception to being ascribed with such motives. But alas… Hitting a block button simply leaves the slur intact while eliminating the chance of a recurrence on your page.

Wouldn’t society be more polite if, instead, a person that calls you a racist without cause might have to face you the following morning at dawn across a field of honor bearing a single shot pistol at 10 paces and either retract the slander or die? Let’s face it. We all have at least 1 or 2 people in our lives whose overall demeanor would be vastly improved by a carefully aimed musket ball.

Hey… When I’m president we’re making duels legal again. And for the record, if you disagree, you’re just promoting racism. There you have it. I called you a racist. Which is better… Hiding my feed… or meeting me gun in hand at dawn?

C’mon. You KNOW you want to.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

6 thoughts on “The Case for Pistols at Dawn

  1. I suspect they’d run screaming from a duel. First off, they’re honor challenged. Lastly, they’re hoplophobes for the most part. Even if they overcame their fear of evil firearms, the rascals likely couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. From inside. With the doors shut.


  2. Basically, all true Wendell.

    If people knew they had to be prepared to back their words with their life there’d be a lot less snotty mouthed SOBs spewing venom. I know this from experience, because it’s always been a rule in Texas bars. One puts a little sugar on their words if there’s a chance they may have to eat them.


    1. When Harry Reid stood on the floor of the US Senate and made claims that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 10 yrs, a claim he made up from thin air and which was proven wrong… it underscored your point about honor and the current lack thereof.


  3. Well said. Problem is some states (like mine) have already gone too far with gun control. I’ve never misused a gun; never even made a threat, yet my right to bear arms has been stripped from me, my guns have been confiscated by the sheriff, and I can’t live in a house with guns; basically stripping Dave of the right to own a gun too. Why? because I was hit by a truck 8 years ago and got hurt in the head. Never mind that I’m fine now. Doesn’t matter that my IQ has tested in the top 1 percentile since the accident, doesn’t matter that I’ve never been accused of a crime, not even a traffic ticket.

    C’mon, all I need is one lonely musket ball. Some sort of appeal process would be nice too; I miss going to the range.


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