Utah Fight Song “fixed”

PANSIES: The new mascot of the USA

A sensitive group of non-sexist non-judgmental politically correct individuals (translation: flaming jackasses) just changed the words to Utah’s fight song to ensure they are not sexist, are more inclusive, etc….

In other words, they screwed up the lyrics. See DAILY CALLER.

Before reading the article, note the purpose of a fight song. Fight songs are about 1 thing: INTIMIDATION. If you needed a hint, look at the name… FIGHT SONG.

If silverback gorillas spoke English, they’d sing a football fight song as they beat their chests. This is what fight songs were made for.

So basically, if you had a universal fight song translator… Here are the lyrics to every single football fight song ever written:
Hello opposing team,
We are very proud of our team’s men.
They are more manly than yours.
Our girls are prettier too.
Come to think of it we are superior in every way possible.
In the upcoming contest we will dominate you.
No, dominate is not a strong enough word.
We are about to beat you like rented mules.
And there isn’t a thing you can do about it.
Because you are by virtue of your selection of educational institutions our inferior in every way.
You suck / We rock.
Go team.
Sorry sweetcheeks. Trying to make something like that into a politically correct ditty is laughably stupid, not unlike trying to clean up a beach by sweeping away the sand with a broom.

And sorry about the wedgies that still haunt your dreams.

No, not really. You deserve another. Turn around, junior. Here it comes. ;-)


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