Note to the NSA….


1) The president lies more than a high-school senior in the backseat of his dad’s car. And in both cases, somebody’s getting screwed.

2) Nobody wants dietary advice from a Yeti, so tell Michelle to put it where she keeps pride in her country. PS: Ask her to lighten up about people mistaking her for a guy. Heck, it happens to her husband all the time.

3) If Biden were any dumber he’d be declared a new form of plant life. And he def def definitely makes Rainman seem like a gifted orator. Quit letting him out without a keeper.

4) I’ve lit paper bags afire on a porch that contained better character than Eric Holder. Don’t know what you think he should be doing, but I recommend 20 to life.

5) If Harry Reid were any more crooked they wouldn’t have to bury him, they could just screw him into the dirt.

6) Pelosi lives in her own private reality. Next time visitors come from her home planet, please send her back.

7) If you think collecting phone calls and emails without a warrant is not a breach of the constitution… you really should be sentenced and hung. Find a better job or a better alibi.

8) If I used an industrial hydraulic press on my hard drive, it won’t make this note disappear. That same applies to Lerner’s emails. And her 6 co-workers emails. And the chick at the FEC. Everyone knows it.



Just thought I’d put this all in an easy to find spot. Hate to make you fellas have to look for them. Have a great day.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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