RE: Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-al-Fitr

The pic below shows a post on the White House website today.



It isn’t enough our president bows to foreign potentates and has pissed away gains paid for in blood of our troops… And as we speak Christians in Iraq are being murdered for that action. It isn’t enough that he funds Hamas, a known terrorist group even as they shower rockets on our ally Israel.

No, he has to use the trappings of our White House to perform the verbal equivalent of fellatio on behalf of America, in honor of Islam.

The most notable contribution has made to the US
Islam’s most notable contribution¬†to the US

So let’s review the best known contribution of Islam to our national fabric, shall we? We quietly remember the thousands who died in that dubious contribution on 9/11 of each year.

We also celebrate that contribution every time we watch gray haired grandmothers in line at the airport getting groped like drunken prom dates while swarthy men who match the profile of Islamic jihadists walk by unmolested in the name of political correctness.

So yes, Mr President, we realize YOU think Islam has made huge contributions to our land, but unlike you, we were never fed horse-hockey about your holy prophet in a madrasa. We studied actual history, which points out Mohammed was just a caravan robbing pedophile who murdered people for a living and married a 6 yr old girl. He condoned letting his men rape those they captured on caravans they attacked.If he lived today we’d send SEAL Team 6 to put a bullet in his head.

Notes from The Religion of Peace
Notes from The Religion of Peace

So while you join millions worldwide in celebrating a guy who Muslims will kill for at the drop of a political cartoon… The rest of us will remember this country was really built by people who worshipped God, not “Allah”.

Keep your heathen worship to yourself. Eventually posterity will remember the stupidest and most self destructive moment in US history as the time we elected a vacuous Muslim to the office of Commander in Chief in the middle of a war with Islamic jihadists.

You are destined to be remembered as an asterisk on our record sheet… The only time we elected someone that changed sides in the middle of a war. You, Val Jarrett, and your entire Muslim Brotherhood oriented crew are a huge blemish on our national record.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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