Ventura wins $1.8 mil (and a place in Hell)

Former Gov and retired Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura had a defamation suit against decorated SEAL marksman Chris Kyle over a claim Kyle made about a blowhard character not named in his “American Sniper” book… But later identified as Jesse Ventura.

After Kyle died while mentoring a US vet who had PTSD… Ventura was not satisfied and continued the suit against Kyle’s young widow.

Kyle’s widow at funeral. Click photo for story on Blaze.

Today Ventura was awarded $1.8 million in his suit against Kyle’s widow for “damage done to his reputation”. No word yet who Ventura will sue for the damage done to his reputation by continuing with a lawsuit against Kyle’s widow.

Meanwhile, in Hell… All parties surveyed said they look forward to meeting Jesse Ventura at his earliest convenience. This from all appearances may be the last place Ventura is openly welcomed.

Seriously, Ventura… for all it could do to your rep now you might as well spend the money on whores and beer… or maybe a foundation that tests cosmetics on baby harp seals and children’s pet kittens. There can’t possibly be a lower rung on the reputation ladder for you to go at this point. What an ass.

And for the record, you can’t sue me for calling you an ass… cause in a defamation suit, proving it’s true is a perfect defense. I think the proof is apparent, doncha think?

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

3 thoughts on “Ventura wins $1.8 mil (and a place in Hell)

  1. What a callous bastard! And while I’m at it, the judge and jury ought to be real proud of themselves!
    Like that has-been’s career wasn’t already in the crapper, long before. He was a better governor than actor and as governor, he should have worn pancake makeup, a red nose and over-sized shoes.
    There, maybe we’ll be named as co-respondents in his next suit, Rob. But he’ll play hob finding 1.8 mil in MY account! LOL


  2. Ventura has zero shame, zero talent, and apparently zero morals to top it all off. One can only hope he passes from this mortal coil in a particularly slow and painful fashion.

    I also agree with Doc Sheldon, in that the jury bears responsibility for this outrage against humanity. If Ventura had a beef with the deceased let him sue HIM. His wife was not involved. Idiots.


  3. Isn’t this jury in the same state that sent Al Franken to the US Senate? It was an 8-2 verdict… I’m sure you could find 8 total morons that hate decorated snipers among Franken’s base.

    If Ventura’s goal was to get a paycheck, he won. If he goal was to rehabilitate his rep, he shot his own foot clean off. Nothing says class quite like having your opponent die and carrying on the fight against his young bride.

    That’s all anyone will remember about Ventura now… that he let his ego get in the way of his humanity.


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