Anti-gunners don’t understand stats they quote

Here’s an interesting example of the left pretending numbers support their argument:

OBSERVATION: A fellow could get rich in the hay-straw business if he got the concession to supply anti-gun blogs with the materials they use to construct argument.

Best bullshit quote from the blog:

As a prologue to the kids, [HI KIDS!]  I’d like point out that — no matter what mommy and daddy say –  over 10,000 kids are shot each year in the United States and having a gun in the home makes you less, not more safe. Make sure you go ask your gun-toting mommy or daddy why they hate you and why they had you in the first place …  besides ‘the condom broke.’

YES! We must take your guns. For the children! Darn those “gun nuts”!

A guy could get wealthy selling straw if he could get the concession to supply the left with material for their arguments.

Notice the pic shows about a 3 yr old white child holding a gun, and posits that “gun nuts” kids are lucky to live past 10.

But if you follow the trail of citation, the blog quotes a blog that quotes a blog quoting a study that states…

— 84% of the “children” were 15-19
— 9 out of 10 “victims” were male
— By a ratio of 10:1 the victims were black

So… the “children” in the study are by a massive disparity older teenage black males? Now let’s be honest here, does that sound like “Little Timmy found daddy’s gun” to you... or does it sound like inner city gang violence?

Sorry folks, but in the process of getting a degree in Finance I had to take more than a few courses in Statistics, and it appears your arguments are gloriously unhampered by an understanding of how stats work. As I don’t have time to tutor you, I’ll just point out the glaringly obvious flaw in your “reasoning” such as it is:

NEWSFLASH: Taking my gun won’t do a damned thing to fix gang violence in south Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, or DC’s Anacostia ghetto.

So next time… BEFORE you report raw numbers just so you can misrepresent them to take a big whack at your favorite strawman, take a little closer look at what the numbers actually say, not what you wish they said.

Any jackass can write sloppy arguments that are not really supported by the numbers they pretend support them. As shown by the example cited… they usually do.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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