Dear Baltimore….

Dear Baltimore

If you think your city is the recipient of “systemic injustice”… quit blaming the right. We didn’t have a hand. The last GOP mayor of Baltimore was elected in the 1960s. The entire city council is Democrats.

Baltimore City Council   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia

So long as urban blacks can be relied upon to vote Democrat regardless of what they do (or don’t do), you cannot expect anything but the silly paternalistic government you’ve had all your lives.

Your mayor is black, your people in DC are black, your entire system is run by Dems. How’s that working? Quit expecting government to fix your life. It will not happen.

AFP 540116264 A CLJ USA MDChange will not come by electing people who are your favorite color.

Neither will it come by looting liquor stores or burning down a pharmacy.

Change will happen when you get off your butt, pull up your pants, take responsibility for your own future, and quit acting like zoo animals dependent on your keepers to feed you.

Change is ready to happen. It will become effective when YOU are.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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