NOV 4 IT BEGINS! (and ends)

The RefuseFacism / ANTIFA twerps posted a FULL PAGE ad in the NY Times for their big protest. Turnout was about like an unadvertised open house. There were under 2 dozen in Austin, which is ground zero in Texas for their fans. Kind of underwhelming.

Nobody knows why turnout was dismal, but their groupies are reduced to going Twitter to claim it was all a prank. [Sounds legit. I blow money on full page ads in the NYT every April fool’s day myself.]


Theories abound as to why so few showed to depose the evil dictator:

  • Star Trek marathon conflict
  • Stayed up too late braiding each other’s hair
  • They TOLD Mom to wake ’em for it dammit!
  • Dad said they had to take out the trash or they couldn’t go

Whatever the cause, their big moment is as dead as the career of the chick whose former loyalists now admit she pretty much bought her party’s nomination. Guess we must live another day under the oppressive boot of people that want to lower our taxes and increase US jobs. The fiends.

I’m Rob Jones, and I approved this message

4 thoughts on “NOV 4 IT BEGINS! (and ends)

  1. I think it may have been a bit more deluded than that, Rob. My thought was that someone thought it’d be fun to throw some gas on the flames and sit back and giggle over a confrontation. I was equally shocked, though… maybe there’s a few less blithering idiots out there than I thought.

    Naw… that ain’t it. There’s probably even MORE than I thought. ;)

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  2. Maybe the dumb-ass lead-up was so over the top that a lot of the folks who used to think antifa was a good idea realized how f’d-up the whole movement is and decided to stay home/out-of-jail. 😉


  3. Or maybe the folks that normally think antifa is a jim-dandy idea woke up after the dumb-ass lead-up and realized that staying home and sipping their double-cream latte would be a lot better than spending the next few days in either jail or the hospital.


    1. I never bought the hype about the intent to stage an armed revolution today (I’d never get that lucky), but I was shocked at how few appeared on command. NYT ads aren’t cheap

      I lean toward the idea there were paid players trying to astroturf a movement, and today they found out there weren’t as many grassroots nutcases interested in protesting to depose an elected govt as theyd hoped.


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