A Bit of Catch-up

I don’t have as much time for social media these days because I decided to actually “get a life”, so I’ll post this to ensure I didn’t skip anything important.

1) The majority of our news outlets are not even moderately interested in conveying “news.” What they ARE interested in doing is getting masses to buy into their bias. It’s Disinformation.

2) I don’t care who commissions the poll… cooked polls are the new norm. A substantial number just intentionally confirm a pollster’s preconceptions. [Or did I just miss Hillary’s big electoral victory?]

3) There’s a trend to revise our history based on current norms. George Orwell was a genius. Only thing he missed was the year.

4) If you’re constantly outraged by the “corruption of the Trump administration“, I’d like to belatedly congratulate you on waking up from that 8 year coma. Welcome back.

5) Bestowing special privileges on someone because of skin color is not only not a CURE for racism… it IS racism.

6) Whenever “news” organizations post stories about some celebrity opposing {insert outrage du jour}, ask yourself why having played a character in a film or TV show imbues them with some brilliance in the field of economics, geo-politics, etc. If you come up with an answer, tell me.

7) Dems on the debate stage want to “cancel” student debt. News flash: They can’t, the money is already spent. All they can do is shift payment from those who agreed to the debt and benefited from it to others who did neither.

8) The thing where Facebook removes posts because their “fact checkers” ruled it “fake news” is laughable. Their fact checkers are left wing nuts censoring anything with which they disagree, such as evidence of voter fraud. [See comment about Orwell.]

9) On a related note, if you think Facebook’s evenly enforcing “community standards” against speech promoting violence, I have a bridge in San Francisco I’d like to sell you. Hell of a deal. Trust me.

10) The 2nd amendment is part of the Constitution. Please relay that to the cast of that socialist reality show they call the Democrat Debates. Tell them it’s going to be on the test.

11) The current culture of victimhood says being a victim bestows special privileges on you. The truth? No. It doesn’t. If you think it does, I feel obligated to inform you you’re (and this is a technical term)… a whiny little bitch.

PS: If you’re offended by anything I post… that’s ok. I don’t mind. I also don’t CARE, but I don’t mind.

You’re welcome to your opinion, just don’t insist I share it. We can still be friends.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.


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