Quarantine? Try “House Arrest”

The idea that the Bill of Rights can be ignored “for our own good” is being field tested.

So far a lot of folks seem to be fine with what amounts to house arrest of the nation in order to “protect us” from a largely survivable strain of flu virus.

It’s embarrassing the public is so easily manipulated while officials who get paid with our tax dollars regardless of performance direct “emergency” funds to entities like National Endowment for Humanities ($75 mil) and The Kennedy Center ($25 mil).

Seriously. The Kennedy Center isn’t making surgical masks. Let’s pay attention.

These sheep were probably told they are being quarantined for their own good, too. Mutton, anyone?


NOTE: Sadly, I am not making these questions up. They’re taken from real conversations.

“OMG! This is NOT ‘a largely survivable strain of flu virus!'”

Actually, yes. That’s EXACTLY what this is… just the next in a long line of influenza. We see a new one every few years. We lost between 60-80 THOUSAND about two flu seasons ago and nobody batted an eye, much less shut down the country.

But people are DYING! Are you that selfish? Do you WANT people to die?!”

Well, yes… but only the ones stupid enough to post ridiculous statements like that. People are going to die by the tens of thousands from one virus strain or another EVERY YEAR.

“But it isn’t SAFE yet. If we just wait a little longer….”

The only time you are totally safe from dying is after you actually die. In the meantime, we KNOW thousands die in traffic accidents every month, but we still drive to work. Buckle your seatbelt and quit acting like a child.

“But Huffington Post says we have had more Covid-19 deaths than Italy!”

They’re right. We also have 5½ times the population of Italy. It helps to remember to watch for statistics that are true but totally misleading. It’s called “critical thinking.”

“Well that’s SO FAR… But the government projections say…”

Ummm, yeah. Government projections. At the end of March they projected 2.2 MILLION US deaths. Suddenly they went to 100-220 THOUSAND US deaths… then days later they went to “about 60 THOUSAND US deaths.

Sixty thousand goes into 2.2 million almost 36 times. That’s not “flattening the curve”… that’s the government slowly dropping the numbers toward reality after they pissed on your boot and assured you it was just raining.

New York Times… A few weeks ago.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s important we engage in critical thinking. Politicians are using this “crisis” for totally unrelated reasons. Their deep concern for your health is at best a long way below achieving their own political agendas. Frankly I’d say it’s entirely mythical.

We’re getting played, people. Quit playing along.

4 thoughts on “Quarantine? Try “House Arrest”

  1. Even if this virus were significantly different than previous viruses (and with all the lies, damn lies, and date manipulation that has been going on, I have no confidence that this is the case), we are not going to get to the “other side” of the pandemic by all staying away from the virus. Viruses and other diseases play out by infecting a portion of the population, most of whom survive and develop antibodies. If we do not allow people to mingle and actually spread the virus, there will be too few people who will have the antibodies. If the virus does return – and they almost all do in one form or another – we will NOT have enough people with the antibodies and the virus will spread like it spread this time. If enough people have developed antibodies, the virus will just be one more strain of flu. (If you feel you are at a heightened risk to catch the virus and would not be strong enough to fight it off, you have the choice to keep yourself isolated – the way you would do if you learned that others you know have a cold or a flu or the measles!)

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  2. “The only time you are totally safe from dying is after you actually die.”
    Yes. The survival rate for life is 0%. Now add on every, “I’d rather die having lived” cliche there is and let’s end this house arrest already.

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  3. You are so right Rob. This hasn’t passed my smell test from day one. Common sense has been cast aside along with our personal rights. Someone is going to have to stop this at some point. And vaccine? This guy will never take their so called vaccine! Not gonna happen.

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  4. Just stated on Fox News by reporter Trace Gallagher while speaking to Neil Cavuto, “The models all this (all the restrictions imposed by various governmental entities) has been based on have been consistently wrong.”

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