When Facebook Becomes an Abusive Ex

Well, I made the egregious error of telling a friend the truth a while back on Facebook. [Yeah. I know. Silly me.]

He’d just had his account summarily executed on his favorite photo sharing platform… Which was rather important to him given he’s an artist, and it’s somewhat necessary others SEE his work in order for him to, you know, EAT and stuff like that.

So being the tone deaf person I am, I committed the unforgivable sin of pointing out he’s an old white guy, and thereby deserves any grief that comes his way because you people have oppressed us for far too long… etc, etc.

So in order to punish me for what they deemed “hate speech”, Facebook decided we should see other people. Specifically, I should give them my key and leave for 30 days.

But without me there to bat around when they’re angry, bored, or have had a few too many… they decided to go through their old photos and call me up to discuss my past transgressions.

So I get a notice they need to cover up a “potentially offensive” photo I’d posted. Five years ago.

Now they DID say the material posted was ok, they just wanted to make sure the photo was not immediately visible to anyone it might potentially offend.

Umm. OK?

But it wasn’t enough that they’d unilaterally already done so. Now it became important I click to AGREE the punishment they’d meted out was necessary.

Translation: Now look what you’ve made me do to you!

Seriously? No. I kind of thought the picture of the “religion of peace” guy sitting before the heads he’d removed from previous owners kind of underscored the point I was making, ie – it is NOT true that all religions are antithetic to the goal of world peace. Seems ONE group is a tad ahead in that respect.

If you can find a recent picture of the Amish or Methodists doing that, drop me a line.

But alas, though the brutish ex had already punished me by covering the pic, I’d ruined the mood by failing to AGREE I had it coming. Thus began round 2 of retribution.

I TOLD you what’d happen if you backtalk me!

Immediately after I failed to accept their decision that the post was ok but the pic needed a trigger warning to avoid offense, I got a new notice. NOW the post “violates the community guideline against glorifying harmful people.”

They don’t mention which harmful people… but my money is on the Amish. Never did trust those bearded sumbeeches. [And that’s just the women. The guys are even worse.]

So now without having posted for a week and three more weeks to go before I could do so, I’ve incurred a new violation of their community guidelines. For a post written half a decade ago.

But let’s not stop there.

I ain’t gonna take no sass from your friends, neither!

Next they send notes to everyone that had SHARED my post, five years ago. They all received notice that THEY had violated community guidelines. By sharing a post. Five years ago.

Hey. Facebook? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you might want to call a therapist about some anger counseling. Also, take a shower and put on some clean clothes. You’re looking a bit rough.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to check into getting a restraining order. Not sure this relationship is headed in a healthy direction.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.

8 thoughts on “When Facebook Becomes an Abusive Ex

  1. This week FB said a post I did, expressing my opinion went against their community standards. It was from last October! Everyone has already seen it. I disagreed with their critique of my opinion and they basically said though shit, we deleted it and we don’t have time to discuss is. I don’t think they have any right to censor my opinion! It infuriates me!


    1. I suspect pretty soon they’ll start coming down hard on anyone for having posted “false information” about irregularities (ie – blatant voter fraud) associated with the 2020 election… though from 2016 to 2020 they made no attempt to even discourage the notion Hillary won and Trump had stolen election 2016.

      I think now that the powers in DC actually FAVOR suppressing speech they don’t want to hear… FB will work up to a full blown purge of RW voices.

      Meanwhile, as with the notices to everyone who shared my post 5 years ago, they will attempt to intimidate those prone to amplify such speech by sharing it.

      It’s the woke corrolary to “If a tree falls in the forest.” If nobody is allowed to see what you’ve said, did you really say it?


  2. Isn’t Facebooks rationale the same as an abusive’s spouse. Don’t make me hit you. Now look what you made me do. Only now Facebook is actively seeking a reason to beat you by searching your past and feigning outrage over them for the purpose and dispensing more of their “justice”.
    I would suggest telegram as a new platform. I’m on most of them but that’s the one which seems to have the most versatility. Any new platform will be different and take time to get the hang of it and rebuild a following but I think most of the big names are there including Plus Lin Wood 😉

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    1. I’ll take a look at it. I’m in full agreement that like it or not we’re in NEED of a new venue… Which pisses me off. Zuck (as well as Dorsey at Twitter) are in the process of starting a purge that a lot of us won’t survive.


  3. I’m on a 30 day key revocation that went like this:
    Post says “why do men gotta cheat with monkey ass looking b*tches?” I responded by posting a meme with a baboon butt in it. BAM! 0.2 seconds In in the clink for 30 days “violating community standards for harrasding and bullying.” Um, it was a picture of a baboon butt?? I hear the baboon is in therapy because of my hurtful actions. Oh! And I got banned from the group for it because the violation counts against the group.

    Three of my five “community standard” violations have been complete garbage. Another for “harassment” is because I said, “bye, b*tch” to someone who was literally harassing me and wouldn’t quit tagging me in comments. Before I got back from blocking her. I had a seven day ban. The one before that was pic of my govenor dressed as Hitler. It’s all over FB, even now. The first two violations…they didn’t tell me what they were but they said in September that they were from 2019.

    This online purge is the practice run of the real one that’s coming. FEMA already has our day camps ready to go. A recent sentence was handed out in NY that involved dropping charges if the “criminal” went to “re-education therapy.” They didn’t even hide the intent. They literally said “re-education” where she & the therapist “learned a lot.”

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    1. Yep. Mine have all been for inocuous stuff too… So I have no doubt yours were.

      Right now they seem to be experimenting to see who they can cow into submission to only post approved thoughts, and who they have to just ban entirely.

      I plan to be one of the latter… and point out their fascist bullshit all the way out the door.


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