Unless you can point to the line where the Constitution says “unless we get really really scared”… ALL edicts which violate the Bill of Rights, even “for our own safety”, are ILLEGAL.

I understand you may think it best for me, and more pointedly, best for YOU.

Watch my lips: I DON’T CARE what you think.

I especially do not care for you thinking your opinion should be enforced by city, county, state or federal authorities. They might have the ability to enforce it, but they lack the authority.

That’s a very important distinction. There’s a word for enforcing unconstitutional edicts simply on the basis that you have control of the police or military.

If you have a compromised system, or even just a preternatural fear of contracting an illness… self-quarantine as long as you want. No one will stop you, but you don’t get to imprison OTHERS because of YOUR fear.

Just not how it works.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.

Quarantine? Try “House Arrest”

The idea that the Bill of Rights can be ignored “for our own good” is being field tested.

So far a lot of folks seem to be fine with what amounts to house arrest of the nation in order to “protect us” from a largely survivable strain of flu virus.

It’s embarrassing the public is so easily manipulated while officials who get paid with our tax dollars regardless of performance direct “emergency” funds to entities like National Endowment for Humanities ($75 mil) and The Kennedy Center ($25 mil).

Seriously. The Kennedy Center isn’t making surgical masks. Let’s pay attention.

These sheep were probably told they are being quarantined for their own good, too. Mutton, anyone?


NOTE: Sadly, I am not making these questions up. They’re taken from real conversations.

“OMG! This is NOT ‘a largely survivable strain of flu virus!'”

Actually, yes. That’s EXACTLY what this is… just the next in a long line of influenza. We see a new one every few years. We lost between 60-80 THOUSAND about two flu seasons ago and nobody batted an eye, much less shut down the country.

But people are DYING! Are you that selfish? Do you WANT people to die?!”

Well, yes… but only the ones stupid enough to post ridiculous statements like that. People are going to die by the tens of thousands from one virus strain or another EVERY YEAR.

“But it isn’t SAFE yet. If we just wait a little longer….”

The only time you are totally safe from dying is after you actually die. In the meantime, we KNOW thousands die in traffic accidents every month, but we still drive to work. Buckle your seatbelt and quit acting like a child.

“But Huffington Post says we have had more Covid-19 deaths than Italy!”

They’re right. We also have 5½ times the population of Italy. It helps to remember to watch for statistics that are true but totally misleading. It’s called “critical thinking.”

“Well that’s SO FAR… But the government projections say…”

Ummm, yeah. Government projections. At the end of March they projected 2.2 MILLION US deaths. Suddenly they went to 100-220 THOUSAND US deaths… then days later they went to “about 60 THOUSAND US deaths.

Sixty thousand goes into 2.2 million almost 36 times. That’s not “flattening the curve”… that’s the government slowly dropping the numbers toward reality after they pissed on your boot and assured you it was just raining.

New York Times… A few weeks ago.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s important we engage in critical thinking. Politicians are using this “crisis” for totally unrelated reasons. Their deep concern for your health is at best a long way below achieving their own political agendas. Frankly I’d say it’s entirely mythical.

We’re getting played, people. Quit playing along.

Escaping the Speech Nazis

The Facebook censors have finally convinced me it’s time to act.

Background: Since it was easier to get dialogue going on a Facebook post than a blog, I’ve largely neglected this venue for a while.

Captured photo shows Facebook censors in staff meeting.

Unfortunately, with increasing frequency the brownshirts monitoring FB are deleting my input and giving me timeouts for violating their laughable “community guidelines.” In effect, their guidelines boil down to…

“Thou shalt not embarrass the left, or tell truths we find uncomfortable.”

I’ll still post there, but I will link to here so you (and I) may converse outside the control of the speech police. Those responding here are welcome to disagree with me.

About the only firm rule HERE is the one I’ve enforced for a decade on my Facebook page… ie: If you start screaming “RACIST!” at people because you lack the mental capacity to form an actual argument addressing what they’ve said… You WILL be gone.

Aside from that, you’re more than welcome here, even if you hold opposing views. This is not intended to be an echo chamber.

Face it… If we all agreed on everything, some of us would be unnecessary. I hope you will visit often.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message


“And the weirdest thing about the Electoral College is the fact that if it wasn’t specifically in the Constitution for the presidency, it would be unconstitutional.” ~ Chris Hayes, Deep Thinker

Ignoring the hilarious circular nature of his statement, the point he made in context was that the popular vote, one man – one vote, is the bedrock on which the Constitution rests. Apparently the founders almost inexplicably just did the one weird exception… for the presidency.

Now some might argue the founders implemented the weighted-by-state scheme to avoid letting a few populous states dictate policy to what had been heretofore 13 autonomous colonies with their own home-rule legislative bodies.

Fast forward to today. California alone has more people than the 22 least populous states combined.

But let’s entertain his idea that the presidential vote was an aberation from Constitutional principles and look at correcting it. That means amending the Constitution… Which involves a joint resolution approved by 2/3 of both houses, and ratification by 3/4ths of the states.

WAIT A MINUTE?! Ratification by 3/4ths of the states? Not a straight popular vote? You mean they did that again? Those same 22 states get as much say as California?

MSNBC NEWSFLASH: If the method of amending the Constitution was not in the Constitution, it would be unconstitutional.

Dang founders. What did they have against Chris Hayes?

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I’m Rob Jones… And I approved this message

Trump is a Russian Operative!

SERIOUSLY? For those who CONDEMN our President as a “Russian operative”… but SUPPORT ANTIFA, claiming they are a hedge against fascism… I have a question:

Prior to reaching those stunning and brave conclusions, how many hours did you spend ingesting powerful hallucinogens?

“I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.”

Epstein is Dead: Yeah, We’re Shocked

Within an hour of Jeff Epstein’s arrest… 324,468 memes about his impending (insert air quotes) suicide (end air quotes) flooded the web. That number is approximate, because I just made it up… but the point remains, the guy was a widely known suicide and/or homicide risk. Screenshot_20190812-153140

He had career ending dirt, on many highly influential people of massive wealth. And if they had been doing what was purported, murdering a potential snitch that could publicly bring them down was likely not outside of their moral code.

Law enforcement knew it. You knew it. I knew it. Media knew it. Random seagulls knew it. People who just emerged from living under a rock knew it.

Everyone knew it.

There was even a purported suicide attempt shortly before his death, so this is someone you put under a stringent 24/7 suicide watch with banks of live cameras, NOT a guy you toss in a cell and check on occasionally.

However his death happened, be it actual suicide or a violent travesty of same, the fact he was not watched suggests either gallactic incompetence at suicide watch protocol or, far more probably… money changed hands.

If so, the recipient better vanish. That’s the kind of person that ends up dead of a freak but tragic auto accident.

Even if he really DID off himself, that should have been physically impossible. Either way you can bet someone was paid to look away.

As a general rule it’s best not to attribute to avarice that which may be credited to stupidity, but this time I’d say the odds are on the former.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

A Bit of Catch-up

I don’t have as much time for social media these days because I decided to actually “get a life”, so I’ll post this to ensure I didn’t skip anything important.

1) The majority of our news outlets are not even moderately interested in conveying “news.” What they ARE interested in doing is getting masses to buy into their bias. It’s Disinformation.

2) I don’t care who commissions the poll… cooked polls are the new norm. A substantial number just intentionally confirm a pollster’s preconceptions. [Or did I just miss Hillary’s big electoral victory?]

3) There’s a trend to revise our history based on current norms. George Orwell was a genius. Only thing he missed was the year.

4) If you’re constantly outraged by the “corruption of the Trump administration“, I’d like to belatedly congratulate you on waking up from that 8 year coma. Welcome back.

5) Bestowing special privileges on someone because of skin color is not only not a CURE for racism… it IS racism.

6) Whenever “news” organizations post stories about some celebrity opposing {insert outrage du jour}, ask yourself why having played a character in a film or TV show imbues them with some brilliance in the field of economics, geo-politics, etc. If you come up with an answer, tell me.

7) Dems on the debate stage want to “cancel” student debt. News flash: They can’t, the money is already spent. All they can do is shift payment from those who agreed to the debt and benefited from it to others who did neither.

8) The thing where Facebook removes posts because their “fact checkers” ruled it “fake news” is laughable. Their fact checkers are left wing nuts censoring anything with which they disagree, such as evidence of voter fraud. [See comment about Orwell.]

9) On a related note, if you think Facebook’s evenly enforcing “community standards” against speech promoting violence, I have a bridge in San Francisco I’d like to sell you. Hell of a deal. Trust me.

10) The 2nd amendment is part of the Constitution. Please relay that to the cast of that socialist reality show they call the Democrat Debates. Tell them it’s going to be on the test.

11) The current culture of victimhood says being a victim bestows special privileges on you. The truth? No. It doesn’t. If you think it does, I feel obligated to inform you you’re (and this is a technical term)… a whiny little bitch.

PS: If you’re offended by anything I post… that’s ok. I don’t mind. I also don’t CARE, but I don’t mind.

You’re welcome to your opinion, just don’t insist I share it. We can still be friends.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.


[INSERT ≤OUTRAGE≥ {type = selective}]

Screenshot_20190704-132723Trump is “a wannabe dictator” for having tanks, military vehicles, and USAF flyovers at a parade honoring American Independence day.

Never mind military vehicles have used in US parades for over a century, including by Roosevelt and at the inaugural parades for Eisenhower and JFK. Hell, I’ve seen military flyovers at baseball games.

But this time it’s wrong because “orange man BAD”.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.


These days I no longer sell real estate… just saddles. Though there’s a lot less money involved, it’s a lot more enjoyable. As a general rule, horse people are just more fun than the general public.

That said, as in real estate, there are always going to be those whose appetite exceeds their means.

In real estate, that was easily mitigated by introducing them to a loan officer, who introduced them to reality. No matter what ones appetites are, you can’t buy a million dollar house unless you have a million dollars, or at least the ability to qualify for a corresponding loan.

Successful agents learn to head that problem off BEFORE showing a lot of houses the folks cannot possibly purchase. If not, they should change jobs and become tour guides or Uber drivers. Then at least they’ll get paid for the trips.

With saddles it isn’t so much the price tag that poses a problem as the seat size. In a nutshell, there are some, truth be told it’s generally females, that want to buy one they might have fit into back when they fit into their wedding dress, but no so much today.

Screenshot_20190527-125514Doesn’t matter if OSHA regs wouldn’t allow them to visit a work site until their butt was equipped with a backup beeper… some will STILL come in insisting they want to get a saddle with a 14 inch seat. “Maybe a 14.5.”

To my own credit, I almost never start giggling when I hear this. Not only would I sell less product, there’s a fair chance some big chick would stomp a mudhole in my chest. [That sort of thing can ruin your whole day.]

Seriously the world would be better if saddle salesmen were allowed the latitude we give bartenders. “Sorry Ma’am, but I’m afraid that’s enough 14s for you.”

There’s a considerable amount of acumen required to get that person out the door with a saddle that will enable them to actually ENJOY their riding experience. Hard to do it without hurting their feelings. Or personally coming to physical harm.

Granted I HAVE done it, but I’ve also let some walk out with a saddle I KNOW they’re going to immediately return because it is “just not comfortable” or “doesn’t sit them right”. [Seriously. The only thing that would’ve made it “sit them right” is a time machine.]

It’s worth remembering that when you ride, NOBODY sees a tag stating what size your saddle is. EVERYONE WILL, however, notice your thighs are jammed against the pommel while your backside overlaps the cantle like the Pillsbury Doughboy in a Speedo.

Lest anyone think I’m picking on the girls here, guys have their related quirks. We’ve all seen a fellow my age trying to wear his old high school Levis. He will attract a lot less negative attention in a pair that fits than one that can’t. Plus denim wasn’t made for that kind of compression, there may be a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the works.

Now that I think of it, jeans manufacturers may have already solved some of this problem for us. Now all I need to do is go back and label the 17” and 18” saddles “Relaxed Fit” 14s.

On a related note… hate to brag, but I’d like to point out I can still fit into the hat I wore at my wedding. Yeah. Eat your heart out, people.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.


Since the Mueller report came out and failed to substantiate the Russian collusion meme, I decided to spend a bit of my day off watching MSNBC for entertainment.

They didn’t disappoint.

Seriously, we’re talking major need for therapy. Chris Matthews is hitting his high octave again.

Their struggle to deal with this reminds me of an old poem…
“As I was going up the stairs
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today.
I wish I wish he’d go away.”


Seriously. It looked like a Situation Room during a crisis as they pondered aloud how to proceed. They uniformly agreed that “this is not over” as they marinated in the soothing presence of their echo chamber where everyone agreed with them.

Then they played a clip of Rep Jerry Nadler, who like Adam Schiff and others, has taken the tinfoil hat to a new level, saying it’s “just too early” for {whatever}. He’s the guy still planning his attack on the other team’s defense as the lights on the field are being shut off after the game.

MSNBC should not be mistaken for a news outlet. They’re a cadre of homely DNC cheerleaders. It doesn’t matter the report they have told us for 2 years would bury Trump didn’t bear out their hopes. They’re invested in their goal of taking him down.

How sad for them. Guess Walmart needs to stock up on coloring books. Bunch of folks will be hitting their “safe spaces” again.


I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this message.