Ignorance of firearms proves fatal….

Excerpt from The Guardian:

theguardian.comThe expedition’s science leader [identified in the report as L2] emerged from another tent. He grabbed the rifle and fired four or five times. On each occasion a bullet was simply ejected on to the ground leaving the rifle empty. The bear then turned on L2 and mauled him about the head, causing him to drop the gun.

“The mountain leader of the expedition [identified in the report as L1] did not know where the spare bullets were and shouted for help in finding them. He diverted the bear from L2 by throwing a stone at it. The bear turned on L1 and mauled him badly.

“Other team members were attacked by the bear until L2 found one of the bullets that had been ejected, loaded the rifle and shot the animal dead.”

The report says the trip-wire system, a kind principally used by gamekeepers to protect bird pens, was “defective in terms of missing pieces of equipment”. It says paper clips had been used to try to make the mechanism work, but these were not sturdy enough or the right shape for the job. The group knew the system was unsatisfactory because a team member had tripped the wire a few days before when he went to the toilet in the night but it had not activated the alarm.

Regarding the rifle, the report concluded it was stored with the safety catch in a position that disabled the firing mechanism, leading to the emptying of the magazine.


THE REAL LEAD: They tried to save him, but left safety ON while firing

They focused on a faulty tripwire, which of itself suggests the “leaders” were too stupid to be camped in the habitat of dangerous predators, but they buried the truly sad part. The kid died when leaders defended him by “firing” a Mauser 98 4-5 times… cycling the bolt and all… with the SAFETY ON. He just kept ejecting live rounds.

Seriously, you didn’t notice it wasn’t going “BANG BANG”?

The paper points out “the rifle was stored with the safety catch in a position that disabled the firing mechanism, leading to the emptying of the magazine”.

REALLY? The safety disables the firing mechanism? Who knew?

And do you normally store a loaded gun with a safety OFF where you live? Oh, that’s right, it’s gauche and primitive to know how to operate firearms where you live… you have evolved. Right?

This whole incident is sad. The bear was taken down with one shot once someone figured out how to operate the Mauser 98.

So basically you have people that are too smart to go to the beach without taking along sunscreen… going to the ARCTIC, where bears are the size of minivans, without taking anyone that knew how to set a trip alarm or handle a firearm.

CONCLUSION: The bears WILL eat those too ignorant to defend themselves

The entire incident is a microcosm of what happens to a society that “evolves” beyond owning AND knowing how to use tools of self-defense. When you are so weak you give over your own defense to others, just understand the bears WILL kill and eat you.

And for the record, the bears may or may not be furry kind, but you’ll be just as helpless.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

The Night Before Christmas

Naah… as I post it’s actually a couple of nights… but nobody has a decent poem out that starts “It was a couple of nights before Christmas”, so I’m claiming poetic license.

On the topic of poetic license, I figure mine’s gonna get revoked. Wrote yet another parody of the Christmas classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. That probably makes mine about the 12 millionth, so there’s bound to be a penalty. License revocation’s about the least they should do.

Having already defaced the poem once I won’t repost it… but you can see it in all its infamy over at the BOTW Blog.

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Webmaster Version)

Feel free to go throw rocks and stones. You won’t be the first.

Meanwhile: The BethO Hostage Crisis Continues

Beth (aka: TheBride™) is on about day 20 or so in a row at work.Economic downturn or not, the guys that buy saddles and horse stuff down at the saddle shop seem to able to buy… so things are pretty busy.

Unfortunate part, her boss is a little fella named Klint Owens, and he is in my opinion a jerk… a preening, posturing little bully that has an amazing shortage of men at his shop. Could be because it’s easier to pick on girls and smaller guys. A full sized cowboy might clean his clock.
[Edited this section on 3-27-2009 to add what I diplomatically avoided in December.]

[Hi Klint… hope you have a Google alert going, you pompous little windbag.]

Anyway, at this rate I’ll probably see her around March.

Tell the dancing girls to quit coming to house at the end of February.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. Best wishes on making 2009 a great year.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

Puppies, More Puppies, and a Grand-Puppy

Hmmm… Must be that time of year.

Group #1

  • Mom: Tigger Dog – Husky (Beth’s Dog)
  • Dad: Name Unknown (lives in neighbors yard when not visiting here) – Golden Retriever
  • Date of Foaling: June 10 (verified)
  • Number in Litter : 8 (6 surviving)
  • Location: Knee space in Guest Bath cabinet
  • Status – Mom’s first litter. Looks like 6 fat healthy piglets at a trough. Three are golden with thin white dorsal stripe, 2 have black/white w brown accents (husky markings), one is jet black w white tummy and tips of toes.

Group #2 (Wanna Kid Photo? YOU crawl under the house)
Mom: J.D. (aka: Jane Doe… was running outta names) – Mixed Hound w some Lab (Official Trail Pup)
Dad: Same Golden Retriever as above. He’s very popular.
Date of Foaling: On or before June 10
Number in Litter: ???
Location: Under the house about 60 ft past crawlspace entry

Status: I know one didn’t make it cause JD brought it out rather than keep a health hazard near others. Brood is safe under the house, potential predators wont enter the yard due to horses and other dogs. JD plans to get her figure back fast, she’s insisted on hitting the trails with me and the horses twice since these guys hit the ground. This is the dog that runs with every trail ride taken outta here despite having lost an eye when she hacked off a horse from a tad too close. She’s seriously tough for such a nice dog.

Group #3 (Note: 3rd pic is the father when he was a puppy)

  • Mom: Katherine Lanvers Jones (aka: Kathy… the last name is a fairly recent addition)
  • Dad: Mark Jones (aka: Polo… tho the longstanding nick is limited to those currently in my chair)
  • Date of Foaling: June 15 (Happy Father’s Day Sgt Jones)
  • Number in Litter: Just one, but it’s awful cute.
  • Location: Dallas Presbyterian Hospital (not as imaginative as “under the house” but probably more practical).
  • Status: Youngster is 8 lbs 4 oz, named Reagan Michelle Jones. Unlike the babies you look at and say “oooh… ahhh” in parents presence… then after you walk away you go “Was that thing human?”… this one really IS pretty. Probably because the parents are, but my story involves strong genes passed on by the paternal grandfather. Currently pink in color, she’s a future Championship Barrel Racer and World Champ in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

This one is of particular import, as it is my mom’s first great grand-child, my first grand-child. [Is “grand-spawn” a word?] The Mom’s well and will be outta the maternity ward soon. Dad’s thrilled, he’ll be a good father, and tho I generally appreciate whatever tool he gives me for father’s day… this was an interesting departure from the norm.

Congrats Kathy, and Happy Fathers Day Mr Polo. Our prayers are with you.

I\'m Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.