Eric Holder and Voter ID

Now That the Polls Have Closed…
I’d like to give a shout out to Eric Holder and his fine team at the Department of Justice for their magnificent work shooting down voter ID laws in virtually every state that attempted to pass them… notwithstanding the fact that the US Supreme Court has held such laws constitutional and many states already have them.

After all, we wouldn’t want to stop our honored dead from exercising their traditional right to vote for Democrats.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Note to Tea Party: Why You Suck

There just nothing fun about being fiscally responsible
I mean seriously, it requires cutting programs we’d “like” to have, programs that “in a perfect world” would be cool. We’d all like to use the combined purse of the nation to make life better for those that need it.

Hint: It is NOT a Perfect World, and WE ARE BROKE
Not even just “broke”, we are massively in debt. We are to debt what the Germans are to beer and the Japanese to miniaturization. We are the poster child of debt… and going deeper into it every single minute that we don’t fix the deficit.

So for insisting we live within our means {thereby being the biggest buzzkill imaginable}, the left vilifies the Tea Party. Screw them for being the only one willing to be an adult and admit we aren’t bringing in too little revenue, we’re just overspending.

And though there’s no support for the allegation… they branded the Tea Party “racist”, because short of “child molester” the isn’t a more disparaging term in the US. Nobody says a thing about racism when a black president receives 93% of the  black vote… but the Tea Party is clearly racist simply because the guys that don’t like them need a good insult. Calling them “not fun” just wouldnt convey enough hatred.

Simply put, nobody likes THAT GUY
You know, the one that says “Hey guys, we don’t get any more beer cause we’re outta cash.” That isn’t the way to be popular. The popular thing to do is say, “Hey, I have this other guy’s Mastercard. Won’t cost us nuthin.” And no, we don’t just buy a round for our friends, we buy drinks for everyone in the bar that hates our guts, calling it foreign aid.

Every child prefers candy to vegetables
The Democrat’s target constituency is voting age adults with the personal discipline of a screaming toddler on a sugar-rush. It doesn’t matter that “free stuff” is not free {ie – someone must pay for it}, and it doesn’t matter that you can’t keep spending money you don’t have. Facts don’t matter to them, “wants” matter. “We are a wealthy country and  *should* be able to provide {insert item} to {insert victim group}.”

Romney lost to Santa
Our current administration promised the impossible… we were going to give away more, cut the deficit, and do it all by taxing the rich. Never mind if we could somehow tax the entire income of the rich the math wouldn’t work… people wanted to believe. Hope and Change. Yes We CAN!

Didn’t matter that he’d ignored the deficit his first term despite promising the same thing. At least he promised candy. That bastard Romney promised “jobs“… which when you think about it sounds suspiciously like “work“. What the hell was he thinking?

Pure and simple… the Democrats treated our country like ignorant children, and according to the numbers we’ve been given… over half the country proved them right.

So Tea Party… stick around the campus…
and we’ll call once we know we’re in trouble, but for now,we don’t want your nasty old “reality”. We’re gonna order another round and pretend this buzz can last forever. Chill bros. It’s all cool, and we’ll be 18 forever. Like, um, party on. We’ll learn how to balance a checkbook next week.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Note to the Left….

Dear Left – This has been coming for a long time, and it’s just something I think we need to face. It isn’t working out between us. It’s time we started seeing other people.

I tried to avoid this moment, but I can’t help it. If we continue to stay silent on the topic it will just drive us further away from each other, and that wouldn’t do either of us any good.

Don’t be bitter, it’s me, not you. It’s just that we’ve grown so far apart that I see no way we’ll ever regain the trust we once had.

I’ll always treasure the time we had together, but let’s face it,  time to move on.

Love ~ Texas

PS: I’ll be back for my stuff. Touch it and I’ll rip your damned lips off.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Electile Dysfunction

The voters have spoken*
Unfortunately what they said is that slightly more than half our country is dumber than a fence-post, and can be bought off with free stuff and empty rhetoric. Neat eh?

Don’t get me wrong, not all the free stuff is a bad idea
For example, I’m not entirely opposed to paying for birth control for women like Sandra Fluke and her ilk. I damn sure don’t want them to reproduce, and how much could a coupla hundred watt bulbs cost?

But bottom line, despite an economy in dire straits…
Over half of our country voted for someone with NO discernible skills aside from getting elected. Seriously, he’s handed BILLIONS to cronies, taken the economy from bad to worse, and yet our childlike electorate  re-elected him based on such inane motivations as “popularity” and “Obamaphones”.

I’ve seen student council campaigns with more substance. Seriously, grow up.

Just so we are all clear…
If any liberal complains about their economic woes after last night,  I will simply laugh at them. This is their baby, and they can live with the monster they’ve built. I didn’t vote for this buckethead, THEY did. Despite his record, they gave him a mulligan. It’s like having a flat tire and driving on it in hopes it will get better.

To paraphrase a woman that will no doubt soon be jetting off on another well needed vacation to some foreign beach, on our collective dime, to lounge in luxury while folks in the northeast still wait for power and light in the wake of a hurricane… For the first time I am ashamed of my country.

And as for the guys that either voted for a third party or sat this one out… if I were them today I’d paint a face on my ass and learn to walk backwards. Dang sure wouldn’t be bragging about it. Hope you guys enjoy Obama.  I did my part.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.




Ed Schultz: Not at All Creepy and Mysogynistic

Watched Ed Schultz on MSDNC the other night. He’d lost his mind over the fact that Obama has blown his once solid lead with women. schultz was spitting at the camera while screaming Something like “Women… What are you thinking… Do you want these men managing your vagina!!?”

Always entertaining to see a creepy old guy telling women he respects them SO much that he will tell them how to vote, for the good of their vagina.

For starters, having watched the convention I’m almost positive there were not any “vagina management” planks in there, so perhaps dear uncle Ed just needs to lay off the sauce before he goes on camera to see MSNBC’s vast basketball-team-sized audience.

Anyway… I’m sure having Ed Schultz TELL women how to vote in the tone normally used by an abusive spouse is gonna be reeeeal convincing. Great idea guys. Once again, liberals prove they are incapable of recognizing irony if it bit them on the ass.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Benghazi: the trifecta of screwups

Despite White House assurances we’d been given information as fast as they got it, there are now emails hitting the press that indicate they have lied to us from the start.

This is the trifect of screwups. They mishandled this beforehand, during, and after the raid. Each raises issues that should be binding constraints not just on Obama, but on the careers of all involved, especially Hillary and Ambassador Susan Rice.

The consulate did not come CLOSE to the minimum State Dept specs. DC had to sign waivers to allow that to happen at all. On top of this, we now have the plaintive emails of the ambassador and others pleading for more security personnel, and they were rebuffed. They were placed in harms way without protection at a time when the UK and NGOs had pulled out due to heightened danger.

There was near immediate realtime notification in DC. Hundreds were in the email loop. The station was under attack. The battle lasted a total of 6-7 hrs between the two locations. More could have been done, and yet we hear excuses about needing permission for overflight from the Libyan government? We should have moved heaven and earth, and we had assets across the Med that would have been more than sufficient. Essentially our personnel watched in realtime as our station was overrun.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, our administration went with a scantily thin coverup the next day about the raid actually being a protest about a video that got out of hand. Then the President criticized His political opponent for talking about the fiasco, skipped his intel briefing, and fleww off to a campaign fundraiser in Vegas.

For weeks the administration clung to and perpetuated the thin tale about a protest gone wild. They sent Susan Rice out to 7 talk shows. hillary Clinton told the tale. The President mentined the video multiple times in a UN speech. jay Carney assured us it was about the video. Yet all of them knew better. They lied.

The errors beforehand should kill Careers. The errors during killed diplomats. The coverup should send people to jail. It was bad enough to set up the problem. It was extreme dereliction of duty to let the people die, but that wasnt on purpose, it was just what happens when you put a rookie freshman congressman with a community organizer pedigree in a position of extreme responsibility. He choked.

The coverup was the crowning insult
This makes Watergate look so small. Watergate was a coverup of an insignificant burglary. The Benghazi coverup was a politically motivated lie with a bodycount.

It is time for heads of all involved to roll… Legally speaking. Lying just to maintain the silly fantasy that al queda is on the run is wrong, and eclipses any lies Nixon told. Nixon lost his job. That fate now awaits Obama.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.