RIP: It is time to Mourn the Death of Chris Matthews Sanity

— Here’s Chris Matthews after the debate last night
Once again for the umpteenth time assuring us the only reason people oppose Obama is racial hatred.

I think they’re more political than either you or I – I think they hate Obama. They want him out of the White House more than they want to destroy al Qaeda.

Their number one enemy in the world right now, on the right, is their hatred – hatred for Obama. We can go into that about the white working class in the south and looking at these numbers we’re getting about racial hatred in many cases.

This isn’t about being a better president. They want to get rid of this president.


Weird part: Up to the 2008 election Matthews was a credible guy
I recall during the 2008 campaign he ripped one of our state senators a new backside for coming onto Hardball to back Obama without being able to name a SINGLE legislative accomplishment of the Freshman Senator / Community organizer.


Then, by the 2008 coronation of “The One”…
Chris had totally lost himself in a fanboy fantasy. At this point he’s ready for a rubber room, he’s just lost all semblance of understanding reality.

How sad.

I wonder if he mourns the tragic loss of his objectivity?
It’s just sad to see the crazed near foaming at the mouth demeanor in a guy that was once sharp enough to make fun of people that acted like HE does now. Chris, put the race card down and go try to find your press card. You were meant to be something better than a pissed off cheerleader.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

The truth about Benghazi


1 – Our “Commander in chief” responded to a 6 hour attack on American soil {our consulate in Benghazi} which resulted in the death of our ambassador and 3 staffers by skipping his intel briefing and going to a previously scheduled campaign party in Las Vegas.

2- In MANY MULTIPLE VENUES, including a speech at the UN by the president, the administration then projects the lie that the deaths were the result of a spontaneous demonstration about an anti-islam tape which got out of hand.

3- A guy that created the video on which this was blamed was publicly arrested, perp walked for cameras so the international community saw we were trying to take care of the problem.

4- Subsequent information proves that we had real time evidence the was NEVER a demonstration at the Benghazi compound, AND the administration knew while it was happening that this was a planned attack ON 9/11… not some spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand.

Bottom line

Our president, who says he gave us all the information about this attack as it occurred…  lied thru his teeth.

The information that was given to the UN and to the US public was horse-shit. Period.

The president, Barack Obama, is a liar. End of story.

His secretary of state, a woman, has more balls, as she claimed “the buck stops here” before the president did. I don’t remember Harry Truman telling us the buck stopped at the secretary of state’s desk, especially when evidence show the president knows he is misleading us.



Ambassador Chris Stevens had been sending plaintive requests to the administration for MONTHS asking for more security, pointing out that Al Queda was on the move. Our president chose to ignore this because his public statements included the promise that “bin Laden is dead and Al Qeuda is on their heels.”

Our president lied for political reasons. Let me remind you that we as a nation sent people to federal prison for the Watergate cover up.


Subsequent references by Obama to this event were referred to by the president as “bumps in the road” and in the next instance… “not optimal”. Yes sir, Mr President… we will all agree the situation is not optimal.

For the situation to be “optimal”, we need a commander in chief that is more interested in doing his damned job than appearing on David Letterman, you useless prick.

MEANWHILE – Let’s Talk About “Binders” Instead

The Democrats think we should be offended because when he gathered his staff, in order to get a decent representation of women on his staff Governor Romney required the creation of “binders” full of potential candidates. Yeah, I find the use of the word “binders” SO much more offensive than committing Americans to jobs where we then get them KILLED, then going on to a campaign fundraiser.


Well, if I really held that view I’d say it was because I was an idiot. Make your own call.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

STILL the Stupidest Statement of All Time

– Was talking to a kid who knows everything…
…and he pointed out that the following statement was just not true:

“A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget. Every taxpayer and his family will have more money left over after taxes for a new car, a new home, new conveniences, education and investment. Every businessman can keep a higher percentage of his profits in his cash register or put it to work expanding or improving his business, and as the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues.”

Sadly, he didn’t realize it wasn’t my words, it was a quote – John F. Kennedy, Sept. 18, 1963.

Kids have no frame of reference from which to work
Our economy tanked around 2007 and crashed in 2008. Since that time anyone that’s hit the workforce has graduated into an economic malaise.  They haven’t had a chance to work in a thriving economy, so they are still subject to the propaganda spread by those who say their lack of wealth is caused by someone else having it.

Worth noting that the Democrats once had great leaders
Men like JFK were not averse to wealth, but instead embraced the idea we should all be encouraged to aspire to whatever heights we wanted to reach. They realized America is exceptional NOT in its ability to guarantee a handout at someone else’s expense, but in its ability to offer everyone an opportunity to make something of themself.

But that was then
Back then the Democrats were effectively the ONLY party in Texas. You didn’t have a chance here as a Republican. Those days are gone, and it’s not that Texas changed, it’s that the Democrats did. They have become the party of “free stuff”. They are the party that panders to the Obamaphone lady and her buddies. If you missed that brilliant piece… enjoy:



Meanwhile, An Example of TODAY’s Democrat Leadership
Here is a video of what in my opinion is one of the stupidest statements ever uttered by any national office holder ever. That’s a tall order given some things spoken over the last four years… but it is still the winner, as it illustrates the complete stupidity of todays DNC.



Congrats Nancy, you made your mark on history. Your statement beats the Obamaphone lady.

Sure, Obamaphone lady is an idiot, but she isn’t an idiot elected to Congress. God help the DNC.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.




Obama’s Fragmenting Media Support?

Watching the Media Watch Us
Several of us were in a conversation over at the Chicks on the Right blog talking about the media blitz the administration put on trying to pretend the attack on the Benghazi consulate in Libya was just a result of a protest gone wild. Almost as fast as the misinformation was coming from the administration, information of a very contradictory nature was making its way to the public.

Making the Reality Fit the Narrative
Still the fact remains the administration intentionally peddled a story they knew was not true… that the coordinated attack by an Al Queda affiliate was really just a response to an internet video.  The administration was fresh off a week of beating their chest, telling us “today Al Queda’s on it’s heels and Osama bin Laden is no more”. The reality check in Libya, courtesy of a not-so-on-their-heels Al Queda, was a most unwelcome distraction from the script.

So they flatly lied to us. PERIOD.


Obama knows we only know what we are told, so if he can control the story, the grim reality can be denied on his end.

The Watchdog vs The Lapdog
One thing that came up in our conversation was that though for 3+ years the media {with the clear exception of Fox}  has been seemingly happy to parrot any claims the Obama camp made, there have been notable defections lately.

Recent Evidence of Defections and “Off-script” Anchors
The first that comes to mind is ABC latching onto the Fast and Furious scandal and making it their own. Obviously not a position popular with the administration, they’d obviously have preferred they take the MSNBC route and pretend the story didn’t exist. [Think happy thoughts!] ABC didn’t play along.

In another defection from the scripted narrative, Anderson Cooper doggedly refused to accept flimsy excuses from DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she sent out an email that clearly misstated their opponent’s position by selectively editing a quote so far out of context as to make it laughable. DWS tried multiple times to gloss over i, to no avail. She was left looking like an idiot on an interview Dems have come to consider friendly territory.

A major recent event came from CBS war correspondent Lara Logan. Lara is NOT what we came to call a “SCUD bunny” during the opening of the Iraq conflict… one of the cute things brought in to read news stateside. In contrast Lara is an actual boots-on-the-ground in-country war correspondent. She goes where the bad guys are.

In a speech in Chicago she came out hard on the point that the Obama administration is just lying about the current status of the middle east, ignoring the strength of our opposition because it doesn’t fit the narrative that our enemies are weak and we are now near universally loved in the middle east because of Barack Obama.

[This is probably NOT going to go over well with some of her bosses, but she’s been there, most of them have not.]

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Anyway, the point is that for the last half century the press corps has had a somewhat adversarial relationship with those in power. They were referred to with reason as “media watchdogs”. If they smelled a story, God help the politician that screwed up. They took down Nixon, crippled others. They may have had a left lean, but they’d go for blood regardless of party.

Enter the Obama years, and former hard-bitten members of the fourth estate fell in love. MLKs dream finally was realized with their help, and it appeared they would go to any length to keep Obama free from harm. Some, like Chris Matthews, just went so far they are a shadow of their past selves.

But the problem lies here; most with a media related education were schooled on the an anti-establishment media-as-watchdog idea, Now the anti-establishment forces are in charge. We’re talking former protester types. So the media folks  are left in a paradox. If they support the anti-establishment types who have become the establishment… they effectively become what they were taught to hate: The Propaganda Machine of the government.

We’ve seen this before
Think about Communist China. It was established as a “revolutionary” government at the end of WW2 when the forces of Mao ousted the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai Shek. They now pay lip service to this day of being a “revolutionary” movement, despite the obvious fact their government is the establishment and has been for over half a century.

Obama’s media support, once stable, is fragmenting
People like Lara Logan are the reason. They are reporters, not propagandists, and the idea of being used to cover the sins of foreign policy go against everything they are trained to do.

I predict the fragmentation will continue within the media, with people visibly taking sides… the Chris Matthews types cheering harder than ever for Dear Leader, the Lara Logan types bucking the trend to stay in the fold. Guys like Cooper may slide toward the center and just try not to be as biased on the simple grounds that they don’t want to be sucked under as the SS Obama takes on water and sinks.

The media is usually there to tell US the story
For a while it may be fun to watch THEM to see how this shakes out. Probably going to be a lot of personnel changes in news and commentary positions in the coming days.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.





Barack Wins Debate 1 in Sweep of All Polls

As the debate is about to begin the candidates approach the stage in Denver from opposite sides. On stage left a haggard looking Mitt Romney takes one last look at a jumble of notes, and with a reluctant glance back, mounts the stairs to the stage as if ascending a gallows.

On stage right a chipper Obama jogs up to the stage two stairs at a time, looking confident and rested with his arms bouncing in a very athletic fashion. As he reaches the podium he turns and flashes a boyish grin to the audience. Catching the eye of Ashley Judd on the front row, he blows a kiss.

Jim Lehrer, wearing a crisply ironed Journalists for Obama t-shirt, stands to introduce the candidates. Silence in the room as he introduces the challenger, interrupted only by a few undignified catcalls which were silenced as Obama raised his hand in a gesture of compassion. Then as the moderator turned to introduce the incumbent the audience erupted in spontaneous applause. Chants of “Four more years” broke out among the ranks. Girls and men alike swooned.

The debate opened quietly enough, with each introducing their vision for the economy. Obama’s was greeted with thinly subdued awe as he explained his detailed plan to reduce the deficit and eliminate the national debt in a bold move that would reallocate wealth in such a way as to simultaneously end poverty worldwide. Not wanting to over-promise, he only said it would do so nation-wide. After all, foreign policy was next weeks topic. As he explained it, Romney was seen taking notes.

Romney’s own plan was as expected simple enough, though the audience did laugh when a visibly flustered Romney forgot the name of the Federal Reserve and had to ask his opponent in order to continue at all. His plan to murder seniors over 85 and grind their bodies for fuel was not as well received as he’d hoped, likely because he’d field tested it against an audience of Fox viewers, all of whom had already done so with their own relatives.

As the topic moved to Barry other areas of the economy it was clear that Jim Lehrer was becoming overcome with emotion at the Barry wisdom of what he was hearing. It was BARRY so simple and yet nobody had ever come up with it. Mitt Romney himself HONEY was listening from a crouched position with his head BARACK head resting on his knee in fascinated wonder….


Barry… your alarm went off 15 minutes ago. You have a news conference to explain your dismal debate performance last night. Don’t forget your teleprompter, genius.

Awww hell.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.




Wishing the Guns into the Cornfield

Isn’t it amazing?
Marijuana’s been illegal to grow, possess or use for half a century+… but guys that can tell you 5 different places to buy it are certain outlawing GUNS will make ’em unavailable.

Things that make ya go “Huh?!”

Ladies and Gentlemen – The President of the United States
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


How Many Died from Paul Ryan’s Tax Projections?

Paul Ryan LIED… or so I hear
A liberal friend of mine assures me that Paul Ryan is despicable because he didn’t give details about his tax plan. Now seriously… that is NOT lying, it isn’t even dishonesty, it is just less information than he wanted.

The president didn’t attend his security briefing this day.
The next day he skipped again… flew to Vegas to party.

But Let’s DO talk about HONESTY
We’ve been being fed a steady diet of White House officials pretending the burned consulate in Libya was just a “spontaneous protest” that got out of hand. It wasn’t about our foreign policy or the week the DNC sat around beating their chests {yeah, I almost said another body part} and pretending Obama is a Navy SEAL… it was a buncha guys that wanted didn’t like the movie.

[As any of Obama’s actor buddies will attest…  the critics can be brutal.]

Sure, I have time for this… I already killed bin Laden.

Security Breaches? What Security Breaches?
Basically the public has been given the impression that nobody had a clue this might happen. Now in the case of Obama that could well be true, given he skips the majority of his security briefings… but his administration was criminally negligent in their handling of the situation. Today we find out DC had DENIED “repeated requests” for increased security placed by our diplomats in Libya.

Meet with primary ally in the mideast? Went on The View instead. Hey, I’m just “eye candy”.

Sacrificing Men to the God of Political Correctness – Deja Vu
This is not the first time we’ve denied our people on the ground adequate protection in the name of political correctness. Biil Clinton and Warren Christopher come to mind. Our men in Mogadishu wanted tanks and AC-130 gunships. What they got were Humvees and little bird choppers. Slight difference. We lost men as a result, when in fact we should have had no trouble had they had the correct tools for the job our government sent them to do. [See: Black Hawk Down]

US Soldier dragged thru streets of Mogidishu.

So basically Secretary Clinton, who can’t possibly get out of the loop of responsibility for the denials of security requests… was following in hubby’s footsteps. And as soon as Baracjk found out our men had died he conscientiously skipped another intel briefing and flew off to a fundraising party in Vegas.

This is SO much more fun than what he *should* be doing right now.

Obama LOVES being the president…
He just doesn’t want to do the work associated with the job. He wants to lead the free world from the guest couches of Letterman and The View. He wants to party with Hollywood stars. He wants George Clooney to throw him a party where people give him money. He wants to play golf.

Security briefings? Jobs council? No time. I have a very busy schedule.

What he does NOT want to do is meet with his jobs council, or key allies in the very region where this attack happened, or attend those boring old security briefings. Just not fun.

Great. The president of the United States is a freakin 5 year old.

So tell me… how many people DIED as a result of Paul Ryan’s tax projections?

Please… let Obama be free to go party. Let’s get some responsible adults in the White House.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.