Muslim Attack: Garland TX

If I tell you MY religion prohibits profanity, therefore *I* won’t cuss, that’s legit.

If I tell you MY religion prohibits profanity, therefore YOU can’t cuss AND I can murder you if you do… your response might be a few choice 4 letter words and a call to the police.

Notes from The Religion of Peace
Notes from The Religion of Peace

That is the issue involved in the Garland attack, only instead of profanity, it was disrespect for the “prophet of Islam”. After years of protests in the US and other western countries by Islamists seeking to tell others to follow their own religious tenets or die… Pamela Geller’s group pushed back.

In response to Geller’s push back, to jihadi wannabes drove over 1000 miles with hi-capacity rifles and body armor to shoot up a meeting in Garland TX. They wounded 1 security guard, then both got killed by a Texas traffic cop with a pistol.

Oddly, the response of the US media is not to castigate the jihadi-boys, but to hound Geller… Why did you intentionally incite violence?

Newsflash: That is EXACTLY like telling a rape survivor she incited rape by wearing that dress.

We do NOT live under Sharia law. Islam does NOT dictate what we may say or do. If you want Sharia law… move to another country. We will push back.

Meanwhile, current score:

  • Texas – 2
  • Murdering Islamic Dirtbags – 0


  • Don’t even think about telling US citizens we must follow your rules.
  • Don’t mess with Texas. We WILL shoot back.

That last part isn’t a threat. It’s a proven fact.

Welcome to Texas. It’s a Sharia Free Zone. Please set your watches forward 1400 years. Worship whatever you want, but don’t tell us to do it too. Thank you.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Great News Maddow Fans!

The left doesn’t “dislike” Fox news… it’s more a visceral hatred. Much of the country must not agree, since per industry site Adweek…

“Fox News Channel has claimed the top 14 cable news programs in total viewers for 12 consecutive months, dating back to March 2014. FNC also claimed nine out of the Top 10 programs in the key A25-54 demo for February 2015.” LINK

Still, despite that being rather gloomy for the leftwing viewers, leftwing political site “Politics USA” managed to find a straw to grasp. Citing that article they blogged this headline…

“Good News For MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Has The Most Watched Non-Fox News Show”. LINK


Good News For MSNBC  Rachel Maddow Has The Most Watched Non Fox News Show


OK, she was number 15, but by golly she’s FIRST in Non-Fox News  shows.

RELATED: The most ridden NON-EQUESTRIAN animal on US trails is the camel.

[I think # 15 was Grizzly Bear.]

Don’t get me wrong, Maddow is at least memorable. She’s the one that looks like a masculine version of Chris Hayes.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


MSNBC: Photo of Jeffrey Williams Released

black baby graduationDateline MSNBC
Family releases photo of Jeffrey Williams, the child who confessed to accidentally shooting 2 Ferguson police officers.

Family points out that notwithstanding prior criminal convictions… “he a good boy who love his momma and gonna apply to Harvard soon as his ankle monitor comes off”.

Stated his mother, a single crack whore just trying to make a living in a world of white privilege… “I axe you, can’t accidently shooting a cop or two happen to anyone?”

Asked for comment, the president emphatically denies Jeffrey is one of his imaginary sons. Meanwhile, Ferguson protester Deray McKesson indicates his sources verify Mr Williams is secretly a member of the KKK.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Chapel Hill Shootings

mirror of erisedCHAPEL HILL KILLINGS – The Mirror of Erised
The “fun” thing about social media is the way stories are often like that mirror in the Harry Potter movie… everyone sees in them whatever they want to see the most.

Such is the case with the recent triple murder in NC where 3 Muslims living under 1 roof were shot. Whatever your axe… here’s a chance to grind it.

The worldwide Islamic community has seized on it being an example of Christian terrorism. Odd, given the most popular subject on the killer’s FB page was his hatred of Christianity. They want to know why this is not being called “terrorism” when a non-Muslim kills people.

TIP: Don’t point out that people generally call the killings by Muslims “terrorism” when the killers self-identify by screaming “ALLAHU AKHBAR” while they lop someone’s head off.

Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. While executing neighbors might be terrifying and violent… getting pissed because they parked in your spot hardly seems “political“.

Others are bound and determined it be labeled a “hate crime”. That I’ve never really understood for 2 reasons:

–1– If a murder is NOT a “hate crime”… is it somehow more loving than those that are? Is the victim any less dead?

–2– The penalty for murder in NC, as in Texas, is the death penalty. If you decide a murder is a hate crime, what do you do to punish the guy more? Kill him twice?

Per his neighbors… the fellow that killed ’em seemed to hate ALL his neighbors equally without regard for color or creed. He’d called to get so many cars towed for violating the complex’s parking regs the local tow company banned him. Sounds like his percieved grievance was less about color than parking.

Kinda funny they try that route. The guy was a Rachel Maddow fan. He had pro-Obama stuff on his page. Anti- Bush/Cheney/Romney/Palin/et al. He was pro-LGBT. He liked Daily Kos. He was a died in the wool leftie. Pretty sure that was not the audience enthralled by the movie.

If you disagree with the left, they pretend disagreeing with them is so wrong it is actually a symptom of mental illness.Islamophobia is a silly made up word. News flash… a “phobia” is a consuming irrational fear of something. Disagreeing with a political or religious point does not mean someone fears it or is consumed by said disagreement. And no, disagreeing with you is not by definition “irrational“.

There is no evidence the killer hated Muslims and went next door to kill them for their faith. There is a ton of evidence he had an ongoing row with them about parking spaces. The simple answer is generally the right one.

Yep… that argument is out there, as the left always assumes every shooter to be what they term “RWNJ”. Never mind most shooter are left-wingers. A look at his FB page clearly makes him one of their peeps.

OMG. The guy had TWELVE guns at his home and a HUGE cache of ammunition!

Seriously. Here 12 firearms is called “a starter set”. And what cute lefties call a “large cache of ammo” is most likely what most of us call “Bill better go get some more or he won’t have enough for the next trip to the range”.

But Progressives are convinced if you own even one gun you’re evil and more than that suggests an intent to start a civil war. I want the tin-foil concession for that crowd. I’ve had well in excess of that number on many occasions and never so much as pointed them at a neighbor, much less overthrew a government. Maybe mine are defective.

But there was a shooting, so the anti-gun crowd is required by the terms of their contract to blame the shameless access to killing machines. Ignore the fact that in 1925 we could buy Thompson Submachine guns at Sears and didn’t have a big problem with them.

Craig_Stephen_Hicks_ml_150211_4x3_992—THE REALITY—
So far reports indicate Craig Hicks was the local parking Nazi. Residents around him had discussed the fact he was obnoxious to others and possibly dangerous. [Guess they were right.]

But no… it didn’t merit a statement by Obama, nor international furor… any more than a shooting that involves Mexicans warrants the Pope coming to find out why we’re killing his flock or suggests America plans to murder all Hispanics.

Yeah, 3 Muslims died, and they appear to be pretty much clean cut productive kids who will be missed by many. But no, they were not martrys to whatever cause you’re peddling. They just lived next door to a guy whose rubber band snapped.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

How Muslims Can Avoid Offending Christians


Recently read a nice bit where Oxford University Press explained that authors should avoid mention of pigs or pork or “anything else which could be perceived as pork” in order to avoid offending Muslims.

For starters, while it is possible I missed the companion articles explaining how writers could avoid offending Christians, Jews, Hindus or NASCAR fans… I suspect this might be yet another glaring example of the new sport of the left… selective sensitivity. You know, like when CNN announces they have a policy against posting “potentially offensive images of the prophet” within a few news cycles of publishing a pic of Jesus in a jar of urine.

Not exactly a consistent message, unless the message is “CNN is scared shitless of muslims”.

So in a helpful effort to level the playing field that will no doubt be as well recieved as a ham sandwich at an Islamic prayer breakfast, I’ll offer the Muslim community… {wait for it}…

HELPFUL TIPS FOR MUSLIMS to avoid offending Christians:

-1- Don’t threaten to kill them if they draw cartoons you don’t like

The cartoon industry will at times print something you don’t like. I do understand this can be offensive… I for one think new Tom & Jerry episodes suck compared to the original.

Try to remember that if your god and/or prophet needs men with AKs to defend him, it tells the rest of the world he may not be that powerful to begin with. So just cool it.


-2- Do NOT kidnap and rape their daughters / small boys / livestock

This is important. When trying to portray your merry little band as members of The Religion of Peace… even showing limited support for those that engage in forcible copulation with our children and/or farm animals just sends mixed signals.

muslim porn

-3- Quit immigrating to countries then demanding they adopt your laws

We don’t give a rat’s rear that your idea of a perfect society requires that our women adhere to your 7th century dress code that insists they be covered head to toe in something akin to a death shroud. Neither are we interested in changing our diet to one of which you approve.

Hey, we don’t come to your mosque and force you to dine on Sausage McMuffins and Jack Daniels. Return the favor. If you want sharia law, move somewhere that has it.

no alcohol

-4- Do NOT demand privileges not provided to other religions

Hindus did NOT run jets into the World Trade Center, nor did Jews. Yet we offer no special no-go zones where only members of their religion can go and everyone must follow their religious tenets. Neither do we make changes to textbooks or news copy that favors their beliefs.

If we do not offer them such options, pretty sure it isn’t happening for you.


-5- IMPORTANT: Don’t behead ANYONE

You’d be shocked how many societies disapprove of having their people beheaded. It is a definite no-no if you want others to think you know how to work and play well with other children.

religion of peace

-6- Don’t burn our flag

Seriously, I have no idea where I’d even buy a flag of yours to burn. Is there a US flag shop in every Islamic enclave that sells Old Glory and lighter fluid?

Please be aware doing this only serves to make some wonder aloud if we should selectively apply large thermo-nuclear devices to your breeding grounds. I can’t speak for all future presidents… some may be ill tempered. So just stop. Ok?

Added: If you think this conflicts with Tip #1, remember that while so far we do not kill those who burn our flag, yet there are NUMEROUS examples of people killed for anti-Islam cartoons and the like. So I’m cool with either you stopping, or us starting. PICK ONE.

islam burn flag

-6- Forget the word ISLAMOPHOBIA

Everything that pisses off a Muslim is said to be “islamophobic“.  Quick English lesson. “Phobia” involves something one is scared of. We’re not scared of Islam. We are however pretty sick of it.


-7- Chill the hell out

This one encompasses all that precede. Don’t tell us Islam will dominate us, don’t expect us to respect YOUR prophet, and (this one will be on the test) do NOT scream Allahu Akhbar unless you want small arms pointed your direction. This is especially crucial while on commercial aircraft.



I attended college with many who came from Islamic nations, and most were happy to be here. Many chose to stay. But if you cannot assimilate into a country to which you move… toddle back to the third world rat-hole from whence you came.

Trust me, if you can’t peacefully join our culture, you won’t be missed.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

CNN: Kissing Muslim Butt Since….

“CNN will not show you the new cover, which depicts the Prophet Muhammad, because it is our policy not to show potentially offensive images of the prophet,” the host declared this morning.

Meanwhile, “Pisschrist” is shown in CNN’s recent piece on controversial art.

Pisschrist on CNN site
Apparently CNN picks and chooses when they will suddenly become sensitive to religious objection.

TRANSLATION: “It is not policy for CNN to show images that’ll piss off guys that will hurt us, but otherwise we’ll claim to be 1st amendment advocates.”

There you go CNN. Fixed it for you. You’re welcome. :-)

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Deaths in Sleepy Hollow ruled “Workplace Violence”

headless horseman

THIS JUST IN: Magistrate rules deaths in Sleepy Hollow “workplace violence”. Cautions citizens against over-generalizing. “Headless horsemen have long been a vital part of the fabric of our nation”.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Statistics Never Lie

statistics never lieGAME SAFETY SURVEY —–

Identify safe children’s games

Is this game safe to play?

* POPULATION: 6 players

* SAMPLE SIZE: 83.33%

(100% concurrence of interviewees)

FINDING: Survey covers more than representative sample of population (1 player was unavailable for comment). After interviewing all available participants, we have overwhelming data to support conclusion the game is safe.

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend adoption in elementary schools as replacement for dangerous playground games.

NAME OF GAME: “Russian Roulette”

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.