Rob Tessaro: Today’s Twitter Twit

Today on Twitter I was discussing the fact that gun free zones are a magnet for mass shooting. I ran into a TFI (that’s “total fucking idiot”) named Rob Tessaro, who used to work for Brady’s org, and now according to his Linked-In profile is President at Safe School Technologies. So he isn’t just a Koolaid drinker, he peddles the stuff.

At one point he claimed (and I quote, cut and paste) “John Lott admitted fabiracting statistics”. [Spelling is his, don’t blame me.]



He was asked to back his claim, and he supplied names of OTHERS who say Lott fabricated statistics , but oddly couldn’t offer anything that verified Lott admitted to fabricating (or fabiracting) statistics.

So Tessaro, when you find this on your next Google vanity search, I’m still laughing at the sheer stupidity of fabricating a claim about someone admitting to fabricating a claim.

Congrats: In my opinion you are the biggest idiot on Twitter, Rob Tessaro.

By the way… if this pisses you off, remember in a defamation suit, telling the truth is a great defense. But if you decide to send lawyers to harass me (ie – you tell your daddy on me), be aware that one of my FB friends is John Lott. I’d be happy to pass this on so his attorneys can play too. If so, hope you found your reference, cause it might become rather important.

Checkmate, junior. Have a nice day.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

How to Tag Loons vs Friends on Facebook

As Facebook has become widely accepted
…and friends lists have grown, it becomes increasing harder to keep your reading selections free of material you find objectionable.

As Facebook has unreasonably balked at the idea of providing sanity tests before issuing a password, and nobody has invented a breathylizer that attaches to a keyboard, it is incumbent on the user to figure out a way to remove the sea of nutcases themselves or else wade through the drivel.

Facebook Tagging Scheme
One possible solution would be to adopt a handy tagging scheme for users and/or posts, much like the categories and tags used in WordPress. Then users could just go to the ones they like or delete the ones they’d prefer to avoid.

In order to facilitate this feature I’ve provided a handy list of tags below. Feel free to use them or if any important ones were left out… add to them in the comments section.

List of Tags follows:

1 – Narcissist
2 – Raging narcissist
3 – Manic depressive
4 – Clearly types with one hand
6 – Probably has to chew thru straps to access keyboard
7 – Wow, when did she get hot?
8 – Alcoholic – Mean
9 – Alcoholic – sad
10 – Alcoholic – horny
11 – Alcoholic – reconnect with old boyfriends or hot cheerleaders
12 – Alcoholic – Republican
13 – Should be defriended
14 – Should be reported
15 – Should be deported
16 – Should be forcefully neutered
17 – I have no freakin clue who this is
18 – Friend of friend
19 – Friend of spouse
20 – Friend of small animals and children
21 – Waaaay TMI
22 – Probably a prostitute
23 – Thinks “fur is murder” but owns leather pants
24 – Wishes Doobie Brothers would get back together
25 – Anti-gay
26 – Pro-gay
27 – Pro-choice
28 – Pro-life
29 – Pro-death penalty
30 – Pro-tax
31 – Pro-hibitively stupid
32 – Heavily into religion
33 – Heavily into porn
34 – Heavily into methamphetamines
35 – Hates hunters / loves Quarter pounder with cheese
36 – Misses the hell outta high school
37 – Misses the hell outta college
38 – Loves spouse so much it hurts (everyone forced to hear it)
39 – Has family feuds on Facebook
40 – Sports nut
41 – Military groupie
42 – Owns more firearms than the national guard
43 – Lies like a rug
44 – Broken hearted
45 – Terminally Bitter
46 – Terminal optimist
47 – So cheerful you suspect drug abuse
48 – Confuses “friends” with “customers”
49 – Richer than you are
50 – Rebel without a clue
51 – Seriously needs a life
52 – Repost this in 10 minutes or a puppy drowns
53 – Hit “like” and Facebook will donate $100 to this child
54 – Owns library of talking cat pics
55 – Quotes others – pretends he said it
56 – Posts random pics of old stuff
57 – Future serial killer
58 – Probably has bodies in crawl space already
59 – Political hack – generic
60 – Political hack – trolls for Ron Paul
61 – Political hack – has Communist flag hidden in garage
62 – Political hack – certain Romney causes cancer
63 – Political hack – jihadist
64 – Political hack – crusader
65 – Political hack – militant vegetarian party
66 – Political hack – already on terrorist watchlist
67 – Political hack – masturbates with picture of Reagan
68 – Political hack – makes up 95.7% of the stats
69 – Political hack – still mad at Cheney
70 – Political hack – has crush on Obama (pick one)
— Barack
— Michele
— Sasha/Melia
71 Fits into so many above he should have a TRO

Hope this helps. Just as well they don’t do the sanity test thing. I’m sure at least one or two people would miss me {and no, I won’t say which of us wouldn’t have an account}.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Ummm… Rob? Why are you spamming our blogs?

Wellll… actually I’m not. Directly that is. Somebody else is under my name though.

Gotta note from a friend the other day saying they enjoyed my blog, and by the way, why WAS it down with a note from WordPress about a Terms of Service violation?

Being that this is a non-monetized freebie blog that I pay attention to once a month or so whether there’s demand or not, I actually hadnt noticed. But I dutifully attempted to login and saw a note from the WordPress guys that said my blog was archived or suspended for a probable TOS violation, and it gave me a contact form to let them know if I thought they’d hit it in error.

Given that despite my other faults too numerous to catalog here I’m still something of a Boy Scout when it comes to TOS… I fired off a quick inquiry to the WordPress contact provided. They informed me that they’d received reports of the following comment being spammed to other blogs:

“$$ Free $$ check out my blog and earn cash $$ Free $$ I’m Rob Jones running for president and I approve this message Free $$”

Well, it didnt take a brain surgeon to figure out what’d happened (which is a good thing, cause I don’t know any brain surgeons that owe me favors). I serve as a moderator on a couple of webmaster forums, and a little spammer I’d unceremoniusly tossed outta one for poor behavior decided to invest several days of work spamming other sites using my name, the goal being to get my site shut down for a TOS violation.

Gotta love the logic. He spent literally days sending out messages pretending to be me, and yes, WordPress shut down my freebie, non-monetized site, which I didnt even notice until someone pointed it out.

I then spent about a minute sending an explanatory note to WordPress and they had my site back up immediately. Gotta appreciate the poetic justice … he gets back at me by wasting days of his time and I invest 60 seconds to fix it.

Anyway, kudos to Mark at WordPress for immediately correcting the issue. I’m sure they get their share of BS excuses. He took a look and figured out what the problem was with a quick glance. WP makes a nice resource, and I’m sure they get their share of real abuse.

S’pose spam-boy has figured out which of us lost more time on the deal? Naah, probably not.

Gotta love internet trolls, they’re so cute when they get angry. :-p

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

Dear total Dumbass Webmaster

Hi Byron…

I hear you lost Tyla. You girls seem to be making all the wrong moves lately. What a shame.

Also noticed you arent doing well on the ONE Google search you absolutely need . I’d mention what it is, but don’t feel generous. [Sorry kid.] I suspect the loss was due to your own actions anyway (hate it when that happens). You are one highly skilled webmaster. LOL. Congrats on bringing your own web orders down. It will continue to get worse unless you fix your error.

What is that?
Umm… thats not my problem. Have fun figuring it out, you ignorant rookie.

Have a great Easter
Hope you and the half bro (a fine manager) are well. He’s a peach, and you do a great job of fulfilling the role of the flying monkey. :-p

Love ~ Rob

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

“Happy Easter, buckethead!” [Living the DigitalPoint Experience]

easter-bunny-in-grass.jpegOK, possibly not the most complimentary note I’ve had today, but no doubt the most objectively correct.

I wandered into DigitalPoint’s ODP forum today for the purpose of wishing a few there a happy holiday. First thing I noticed… they’d already been engaged in their daily deathmatch since the early AM. Apparently there are no holidays in the great war to do whatever it is they wanna do by spending every day furiously countering the latest threat to their closely guarded belief that Dmoz either is or isn’t the fleshly incarnation of Lucifer.

Huh? Don’t you guys get days off?

Easter is a significant holiday, which judging from TV has something to do with celebrating the death and resurrection of the easter bunny… possibly loosely based on an ancient Judaic “eating of the Holy peeps” ritual. Then there’s something about colored eggs… I dunno, it’s all sorta confusing. Anyway, it IS a recognized holiday, which oughta be a good excuse for not spending it duking it out with some moronic trolls whose opinions mean nothing in the grand scheme.


I’ve had the addiction to argue ad infinitum in there myself, or at least I did. I’m not an editor at Dmoz now, so doing it would be (IMO) a classic case of Obsessive Compulsive behavior at this point (lol, like it wasn’t before?). The again, several people in there are ex-eds that have more time spent there talking about ODP than they ever spent actually editing AT ODP, and they still post as if there lives depended on it. [Yes, it IS sad… but if you’ll send just $1 a day to my PayPal account we can help these poor unfortunates. So show that you care, and give today, while they still have a chance.]

Hard NOT to post there when you see the utter crap that passes for wisdom in that room, but it’s a classic case of wrestling  with a pig, ya just get muddy while the pig has a grand old time.

Granted, at least one of them is an occult guy… he’s probably bound by cultural norm to avoid celebrating holidays including anything as significant as colored eggs that get misplaced and make the entire house smell like rotten sulfur, so he gets a pass. Aside from that, I’m pretty sure the voices talk to him every time the foil slips a bit, so it isn’t like he’s missing out on companionship.

The rest however gotta fess up to their problem and enter the next 12-step course they can find.

ME: “Hi, I’m Rob, and I haven’t posted at DP for 7 days.”


Seriously boys, it’s just a directory. You gotta get out in the sunshine a little, your brains are gonna rot. Why waste your time in that forum?

The guys who are supposed to be moderating it certainly don’t.



I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.