Greg Abbott: Hates Children, Puppies… Loves Rapists

ABBOTT: Loves rapists, fatcats. Hates children. Can't stand.
ABBOTT: Loves rapists, fatcats. Hates children. Can’t stand.

GREG ABBOTT – As Texas Attorney General

  • * He dropped charges against rapists statewide.
  • * He tried to make wife-beating legal.
  • * Twice sued to have children’s piggy banks confiscated & distributed to his fatcat friends.

Plus… Greg Abbott hates puppies. Yes. He really does.


WENDY: Loves children, puppies, & people.  NOT cripple.
WENDY: Loves children, puppies, & people.
NOT cripple.

WENDY DAVIS – Born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes with cute pink tennies… surrounded by bipartisan wise men, Wendy Davis loves puppies and children.

Wendy Davis has devoted most of her life to doing good for humanity, and the parts she didn’t, she can explain. And Wendy isn’t a cripple. She has fashionable running shoes, AND can use them.

And her smile makes flowers bloom.


If not, you hate women.*
*Paid for by Wendy for Holy & Not at All Cynical & Nasty Governor Fund

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Abortion Barbie Campaign Implosion

Wendy Davis is slinging arrows again… but this time at her own party
The Democratic Governors Association failed to list her campaign as a priority target, and openly stated she had little chance of winning. Wendy is not a happy camper, and is lashing out.


Even left leaning polls show her trailing her opponent by double digits…
… and despite her claims that she represents Texas women (and her supporters’ insistence she owns
the demographic)
… Those same polls show her down by 8 points among Texas women. Oops.

Her communications director just abruptly resigned
One has to wonder why he didn’t do so back when she made the statement her opponent (who is confined to a wheelchair) has not “walked a mile in her shoes”. That and her “Stand with Wendy” slogan are at minimum pretty tone deaf given she’s part of the party of political correctness.

stand with wendyTrojan Horse Factor
Wendy was previously a Texas Senator, and in her 2012 run her campaign criticized her opponent for getting a lot of donations from outside the district. [He had some big donors in Austin TX.]

Yet Wendy’s current campaign has been heavy with folks associated with Obama campaigns… and early on her finance reports showed 60% of her donors were not Texas residents.

Apparently Texans aren’t wild about electing a Trojan Horse loaded with failed ideas crafted out of state and funds originating from DC, Chicago, NYC, etc.

Gosh, who could’ve predicted that?
Texans don’t like carpetbaggers… or “do as I say not as I do” rhetoric. Sorry Wendy, maybe you should try running in California or some other state where your big government message resonates with voters. Texas isn’t for you.

Anyone that disagrees… feel free to bet me a steak dinner she’s elected.
By the way… I’ll take my steak rare.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

“Attacks” on Wendy Davis Sexist?

The left fires back
I’ve seen repeated claims the “attacks” (their word) on Wendy cover the kind of material that’d never be checked into on men.


Look at the list belowand see if the “fact-check” on Wendy’s bio is breaking new ground, or if, like the Joe Biden / Neil Kinnock plagiarism flap or the stories about Romney’s dog or Edwards/Clinton/Kerry/Cain or Gingrich’s marriages, Bush’s DWI, Bush and Gores college grades… it’s standard operational procedure?

CLAIM: Wendy’s being scrutinized in a way male candidates are not

  • –Are you aware Obama won 2 Illinois elections when his male opponents sealed divorce records got leaked?
  • –Do you recall why Herman Cain bowed out of the last presidential field?
  • –How do we know Obama smoked dope in high school?
  • –Is there a reason I’d know the names Fawn Hall, Donna Rice, or Jessica Hahn if males in high office were never scrutinized?
  • –What happened to presidential frontrunner Gary Hart?
  • –Did you by chance listen to the confirmation hearings of Robert Bork? How about Clarence Thomas?
  • –Did anyone mention Romney’s incident in high school where he cut someone’s hair? Or how he transported his dog on a vacation once? Did anyone posit (falsely) he hadnt paid taxes in a decade?
  • –How do I happen to know GWB had a DWI?
  • –Why would I know Al Gore’s college grades were lower than George Bush’s?
  • –How could any of us possibly be aware Joe Biden got nailed in college for plagiarism? Or that he later plagiarized a speech by a Canadian pol almost word for word including personal anecdotes?
  • –How do you suppose the public found out a president frequently referred to as a constitutional law professor never actually held a professorship?
  • –How do we know the name of a previously obscure intern that worked for Bill Clinton. Or the names Gennifer Flowers, or Paula Jones?
  • –Why do I know Gingrich is apparently an atrocious husband?
  • –How do any of us know about John Edwards cheating ways?
  • –Why would I know John Kerry made his fortune marrying an heiress, divorcing her, and marrying another?
  • –Do you recall any discussions about John McCain’s marital status?
  • –What happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career?

ANSWER: If you have a skeleton in the closet, it’ll come out when you enter politics
If you lie or exaggerate about your qualifications, someone will catch it. Nature of the beast. And for heaven’s sake, after the press dug through Sarah Palin’s trashcan, her childrens lives, her husband’s politics, etc… the left’s claim that simply fact-checking Wendy’s bio is somehow beyond the pale is pretty darned funny.

wendy-DavisGetting caught plagiarising Neil Kinnock’s speech cost Biden his first run at a presidential nomination. Some pols overcome their screwups and live to fight another day, some do not.

Wendy CHOSE to put forth a bio that suggested she heroically clawed her way through TCU and Harvard as a single mom. That simply wasn’t true, but she let people buy it cause it sounded more heroic than the truth.

Now Wendy is paying the same price any man who made the same mistake would pay… she’s getting pounded in the court of public opinion.

That’s not sexist, that’s politics. Grow a tougher hide or quit lying.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

Wendy Davis Digs Own Grave with Her Tongue

There’s been a lot of web chatter about the Dallas Morning News article by Wayne Slater about Wendy Davis. Wendy’s apologists/fans call it a right-wing hatchet job. Her detractors call it proof she’s a liar. That conversation can go on til election day with both sides entrenched.

abortion barbieThe point many seem to miss is that the most damaging evidence against Ms Davis is a video produced by her campaign and narrated in her own voice.

[Yeah, it’s going to be tough to say she didn’t know what it said when she’s the narrator.]

The video pushes the personal narrative on which Wendy has based her campaign, her personal pulled-myself-up-by-the-bootstraps Texas success story.

The video let’s us know that Wendy was a down on her luck 19 yr old teen working mom who miraculously managed to work her way thru TCU and Harvard and become a success. It unfortunately omits the fact she remarried and her hubby paid her way thru both schools while keeping the kids so she could go.

Watch the video. Tell me you don’t get the message she worked her way thru college and Harvard as a single mom.

The following is the printed bio on that video which covers her early years. Try to spot the husband that financed her education in the text below:

“At 19, she was married, divorced, and raising her child alone in a trailer in east Fort Worth. She struggled to make ends meet until a co-worker gave her a brochure for Tarrant County College. After community college, she continued to Texas Christian University where she graduated first in her class. She later went on to Harvard Law.”

Wendy made her bed with a self-agrandizing but false narrative. Texas voters will bury her in it. She based her campaign on her personal saga, and chose to push a lie. Truth would have been sufficient, but she wanted to sound more heroic.

Texas voters don’t like politicians that play false credentials. Ask Lena Guerrero. Only way Wendy will get into the governor’s mansion will be to take a guided tour.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.