Mass shooters, hate crimes and other news diversions

A lot of internet exposure about the guy that shot at police HQ in Dallas. Yes, he was white. He also killed NOBODY white or black before dying, but somehow ignited the race-baiters on the left to harumph a lot on the net.

Either way, kudos to the DPD for a job well done.

Meanwhile in the inner cities, life is so cheap nobody mentions the deaths unless a white cop kills a black guy. Then it is “news“.

Speaking of news, let’s talk for a minute on how they handle sensational murder stories.

“Hate Crime” – in general use this has devolved to simply mean either a white guy killed a black guy or a straight guy killed a gay guy. We realize some violence is motivated by hate of another’s race (or nationality, etc), but if a black crowd beating a Serbian guy with hammers is not a hate crime, don’t bother using the phrase just because the perp is white. I’m almost sure most murders, regardless of whether the participants are the same color/sex/etc, are not “love crimes“. At least try for some measure of consistency.

“Racist / Racism” – The simple act of disagreeing with someone of another race is not “racism“. Even violent conflicts between people of opposite colors is not automatically “racism“. If two guys start shooting at each other because their drug deal went bad or one cut the other off on the road, their respective colors are probably a superfluous factor. If the term is to have meaning, it should be applied only when a conflict is actually motivated by race. Throwing it out when it is not applicable ends the possibility of rational discussion.

“The suspect” – I gave a newsman grief on twitter for calling a guy that was killed inside a van from which gunfire was directed at a police station “a suspected gunman“. He was the only person in the van. The news guy replied he has not been convicted. Seriously? After he’s been shot with a .50 cal and baked in his van… It’s a tad late to worry about his civil rights. Just call him “the shooter“. Common sense, ya know?

“Disturbed individual”– When there is a mass shooting, news outlets helpfully point out that the shooter is a “disturbed individual“. Thanks a lot for differentiating this from all the mass shootings performed by happy and well adjusted individuals. It means a lot to us.

“Time for a national discussion…” – Don’t bother finishing. We KNOW what follows. Just say what you mean: “Hi kids, we’d like to use this tragic event to renew our objection to anyone but the politically connected having the opportunity to keep and bear arms.” If you have a problem with the 2nd amendment, see the methods noted in the constitution for removing that. Until you can accomplish changing it… Remember the words “shall not be infringed” are pretty unambiguous.

There was a shooting in SC yesterday. It very likely IS a true “hate crime“. The fact he shot 9 people tells you he’s definitely disturbed. And given that a white guy went to a black church he does not normally attend to shoot everyone present, he very likely IS a racist.

Hopefully he’s caught quickly. A good public hanging would probably discourage this type of behavior… But that’s not as politically acceptable to point out as is the “time for a national discussion” stuff.

stop nraBut for the record… He does not reflect poorly on all white people any more than the plethora of black on black murders in Chicago every weekend reflect poorly on all blacks. He needs to be caught and hung, but so does every single gang-banger that killed someone of any color this weekend.

Nor does he reflect poorly on the NRA or all gun owners. We don’t have a “national discussion on car ownership” every time a drunk plows into a pedestrian.

Quit falling for the politicians and media’s use of every tragedy to promote their unrelated agendas.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Ignorance of firearms proves fatal….

Excerpt from The Guardian:

theguardian.comThe expedition’s science leader [identified in the report as L2] emerged from another tent. He grabbed the rifle and fired four or five times. On each occasion a bullet was simply ejected on to the ground leaving the rifle empty. The bear then turned on L2 and mauled him about the head, causing him to drop the gun.

“The mountain leader of the expedition [identified in the report as L1] did not know where the spare bullets were and shouted for help in finding them. He diverted the bear from L2 by throwing a stone at it. The bear turned on L1 and mauled him badly.

“Other team members were attacked by the bear until L2 found one of the bullets that had been ejected, loaded the rifle and shot the animal dead.”

The report says the trip-wire system, a kind principally used by gamekeepers to protect bird pens, was “defective in terms of missing pieces of equipment”. It says paper clips had been used to try to make the mechanism work, but these were not sturdy enough or the right shape for the job. The group knew the system was unsatisfactory because a team member had tripped the wire a few days before when he went to the toilet in the night but it had not activated the alarm.

Regarding the rifle, the report concluded it was stored with the safety catch in a position that disabled the firing mechanism, leading to the emptying of the magazine.


THE REAL LEAD: They tried to save him, but left safety ON while firing

They focused on a faulty tripwire, which of itself suggests the “leaders” were too stupid to be camped in the habitat of dangerous predators, but they buried the truly sad part. The kid died when leaders defended him by “firing” a Mauser 98 4-5 times… cycling the bolt and all… with the SAFETY ON. He just kept ejecting live rounds.

Seriously, you didn’t notice it wasn’t going “BANG BANG”?

The paper points out “the rifle was stored with the safety catch in a position that disabled the firing mechanism, leading to the emptying of the magazine”.

REALLY? The safety disables the firing mechanism? Who knew?

And do you normally store a loaded gun with a safety OFF where you live? Oh, that’s right, it’s gauche and primitive to know how to operate firearms where you live… you have evolved. Right?

This whole incident is sad. The bear was taken down with one shot once someone figured out how to operate the Mauser 98.

So basically you have people that are too smart to go to the beach without taking along sunscreen… going to the ARCTIC, where bears are the size of minivans, without taking anyone that knew how to set a trip alarm or handle a firearm.

CONCLUSION: The bears WILL eat those too ignorant to defend themselves

The entire incident is a microcosm of what happens to a society that “evolves” beyond owning AND knowing how to use tools of self-defense. When you are so weak you give over your own defense to others, just understand the bears WILL kill and eat you.

And for the record, the bears may or may not be furry kind, but you’ll be just as helpless.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Colorado Citizens Fight Back at Ballot Box

Notwithstanding the insipid Syria platitudes last night that just added sprinkles on top of the president’s poorly orchestrated attempt to wag-the-dog… yesterday was a good day.

And not just because raging idiot Anthony Wiener got less than 5% of the vote in NYC, though that was admittedly a sign the people of New York City are getting tired of politicians pissing on their foot and telling them it’s just raining.

constitution 2

The big news yesterday was in Colorado, where voters summarily ousted two for two Democrat Senators recalled for their respective roles in passing over-reaching anti-2nd-amendment legislation.

The good people of Colorado did protest RIGHT:

  • They didn’t wring their hands and bear it.
  • Neither did they riot, burn cars and loot big screen TVs for the sake of social justice.
  • They didn’t even occupy a public park and defecate on police cars.

They signed a recall petition, went to the polls, and unceremoniously removed two legislators who refused to listen to their constituents. THIS is how voters everywhere should deal with tyrants who think their ideas supersede our constitution.

There had never been a state senator recalled in Colorado. Yesterday two lost their cushy jobs.

Note to liberal lawmakers: Can ya hear us NOW?


More Obama Executive Orders that Defy the Constitution

With attention focused on his incoherent mishandling of Syria…

President Obama decided to slip in two more executive orders that ignore the separation of powers (see Executive Orders 101 – A Primer) and in general piss on the 2nd amendment.

-1- The ban on importing US surplus military weapons sounds like a magnificent move to gun grabbers until they figure out most military weapons built in the US in the last half century are already illegal to own for most individuals. About the most recent weapon it applies to is the WW2 M1 Garand, a semi-auto functionally no different than a typical deer rifle.

obama burnOf course this will nip in the bud all those mass shootings where the killer was armed with a vintage M-1. [oh wait, that’s never happened.]

Once again the president ignores the separation of powers (he cant unilaterally make law), ignores the bill of rights… And builds a bridge where there is no river.


-2- The other executive order affecting transfers of weapons with corporate ownership will call a screaming halt to all those murderous rampages committed by people that got around background checks because of their status as officers of the corporation that purchased the weapon. [Oh yeah, that isnt happening either, see paragraph above.]

So neither executive order will stop a single killing in the US

…and both affect law abiding citizens, not the people who are a problem. The first of the two mentioned above WILL however kill the century old Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), a program that was administered by the US Army for most of its existence because when established, the government saw virtue in having a populace trained to defend itself. That was back when our government wasn’t afraid of its citizens.

If our congress continues to ignore these attacks on the constitution…

they have less balls than my little spotted cow dog, and she just had puppies.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

“You don’t NEED a {insert firearm} to hunt deer….”

“You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt deer”
It’s bad enough to see that  in forums and on Facebook, but I understand not everybody pays attention to history. I know the 2nd amendment doesn’t actually pertain to a right to hunt game, but I’ll forgive friends that have been indoctrinated by the media to believe otherwise. That’s curable.

I do NOT however share that spirit of forgiveness when it comes to elected officials. I’ve seen variations on that statement from a lot of them lately. I’d like to think there was a time we held the people to DC to a slim standard of education, at least on the topic of the constitution they take an oath to uphold.

As recently as 1960 a presidential candidate (and soon thereafter, president) was not so misleading (or misled on the issue, and knew exactly why the 2nd amendment was created.

Sen. John F. Kennedy, Know Your Lawmakers, Guns, April 1960

“By calling attention to ‘a well regulated militia,’ the ‘security’ of the nation, and the right of each citizen ‘to keep and bear arms,’ our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.”

Kennedy, unlike members of his party today, was educated on the constitution. Sadly, that education seems to be in short supply lately.

federalist papersSO… how did he KNOW that… couldn’t he be wrong?
Kennedy was not guessing, nor repeating what he’d heard. When our country was new and the constitution was as yet un-passed… the founding fathers of our country had to explain it to the public in order to get it passed. Lacking radio, TV, or the internet to address the public, they committed the information to documents written to the public, explaining the setup they had created for the country.

The collected documents used to sell the American public on the constitution were written by the same guys that helped create the constitution. The docs are available today in a collection known as The Federalist Papers. EVERY American should read them, and every politician should be tested on the topic before they are allowed to step foot into the House, the Senate, or the White House.


Never move a fence until you know why it was put there
The old saying above is not just pithy farmerish-sounding wisdom… it is sage advice. It is important to know why something was put there before you remove it. Our founders were just men, but they thought the process of building a nation through thoroughly. Most were firmly against a standing army, but they mention that should one be established later, and be loyal only to the federal government, it should not be able to exercise tyranny because the public was armed and vastly outnumbered said standing army.

So despite the conventional wisdom of today, people that say the 2nd amendment to the bill of rights is there to protect the others are NOT boorish redneck heathens… they are saying the same thing Kennedy recognized as being the intent of our founders.

But hey, the constitution is a 200 year old piece of paper
If you think the consitution is “outdated”, and today’s society calls for a new guideline where only the military (and everyone that is willing to disobey laws) should be armed, I disagree with you but you have every right to that opinion. That said, you do NOT, absolutely DO NOT… have the right to simply decide we can now forget about the 2nd amendment. Not you, not the men in Congress, not even dear Barrack H Obama.

The only way to remove a portion of the constitution is to amend it. PERIOD
If anyone feels strongly about doing away with the second amendment I encourage them to try and get the appurtenant legislation passed and ratified. Until then, it is the law of the land and it protects my right to bear arms. Lots of luck to you in your effort to get it repealed, but trying to get rid of it any other way is illegal. We are a nation of laws, and under no circumstance need we tolerate attempts to do an end run around the constitution.

So NO, you do NOT need an AR-15 to hunt deer
You also don’t need it to iron a shirt, change a flat tire, or watch TV… but it would be extraordinarily handy in the potential use the 2nd amendment presupposed. If you do not approve of that reason… take it up with the founders.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

Guns, Browsers, and Consistent Thought

* I’ll keep it short and sweet *
For the millionth time… if you argue the 2nd amendment applies only to single shot muzzle loaders because after all, the founders didn’t have anything more… what argument do you plan to use when you’re told the first amendment doesn’t apply to the internet?

Please. Use the head for more than a hat rack fellas. Don’t undermine your own interests.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.