Benghazi: the trifecta of screwups

Despite White House assurances we’d been given information as fast as they got it, there are now emails hitting the press that indicate they have lied to us from the start.

This is the trifect of screwups. They mishandled this beforehand, during, and after the raid. Each raises issues that should be binding constraints not just on Obama, but on the careers of all involved, especially Hillary and Ambassador Susan Rice.

The consulate did not come CLOSE to the minimum State Dept specs. DC had to sign waivers to allow that to happen at all. On top of this, we now have the plaintive emails of the ambassador and others pleading for more security personnel, and they were rebuffed. They were placed in harms way without protection at a time when the UK and NGOs had pulled out due to heightened danger.

There was near immediate realtime notification in DC. Hundreds were in the email loop. The station was under attack. The battle lasted a total of 6-7 hrs between the two locations. More could have been done, and yet we hear excuses about needing permission for overflight from the Libyan government? We should have moved heaven and earth, and we had assets across the Med that would have been more than sufficient. Essentially our personnel watched in realtime as our station was overrun.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, our administration went with a scantily thin coverup the next day about the raid actually being a protest about a video that got out of hand. Then the President criticized His political opponent for talking about the fiasco, skipped his intel briefing, and fleww off to a campaign fundraiser in Vegas.

For weeks the administration clung to and perpetuated the thin tale about a protest gone wild. They sent Susan Rice out to 7 talk shows. hillary Clinton told the tale. The President mentined the video multiple times in a UN speech. jay Carney assured us it was about the video. Yet all of them knew better. They lied.

The errors beforehand should kill Careers. The errors during killed diplomats. The coverup should send people to jail. It was bad enough to set up the problem. It was extreme dereliction of duty to let the people die, but that wasnt on purpose, it was just what happens when you put a rookie freshman congressman with a community organizer pedigree in a position of extreme responsibility. He choked.

The coverup was the crowning insult
This makes Watergate look so small. Watergate was a coverup of an insignificant burglary. The Benghazi coverup was a politically motivated lie with a bodycount.

It is time for heads of all involved to roll… Legally speaking. Lying just to maintain the silly fantasy that al queda is on the run is wrong, and eclipses any lies Nixon told. Nixon lost his job. That fate now awaits Obama.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

DC Denied Repeated Security Requests from Libyan Mission

House Oversight Committee: Why Were Security Requests Denied?
Excerpt from a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“… multiple U.S. federal government officials have confirmed to the Committee that, prior to the September 11 attack, the U.S. mission in Libya made repeated requests for increased security in Benghazi. The mission in Libya, however, was denied these resources by officials in Washington.”

US Ambassador and 3 Staff Murdered – Libya
Washington had denied repeated requests for increased security

So Much for the Current Narrative
There has been a general reticence from the administration with regard to discussing security breaches in Libya. Apparently prior to Sept 11 attack it was such a safe place that someone in DC signed waivers about the construction requirements intended to apply to the structure in Benghazi that housed our mission.

Now it is considered so un-safe that the FBI investigators sent to probe the attack have not set foot in Benghazi… instead conducting interviews in Tripoli.

Osama is dead, Al Qaeda is on the run…
This message was trumpeted at the DNC convention. A week later Al Qaeda sent us a wake-up call, in the form of a burned consulate and 4 dead. The administration promptly sent spokesmen all over the news to assure us this was a response to an internet video, and in no way reflected on our foreign policy.

Dead Men Can’t Issue Rebuttals
Meanwhile, Ambassador Stevens, conveniently incapable of answering back, has been thrown under the bus as the negligent architect of his own death. Nobody in DC publicly knew anything about any requests for security.

Our Administration Lied
UN Ambassador Rice was all over the news telling us this attack was a spontaneous thing, a protest out of control. Jay Carney assured us of same. The President shared the message. His campaign told the same tale. This wasn’t terrorists at work, just REALLY pissed off movie critics. Subsequent revelations prove they knew it was a planned terrorist attack when they said these things.

Bottom line: This is more than a reflection…
… of the abject stupidity of those that denied the necessary security. The obvious coordinated cover-up after the fact is a condemnation of this administration, including the president. They got men killed in the name of their political correctness, just as Bill Clinton’s administration did when political correctness made it expedient to under-supply the mission in Mogadishu.

The president’s response to getting news of an ambassadors death?
His response was to skip his daily security briefing and fly off to  party at a fund-raiser in Vegas.

If the American people return these imbeciles to power, our fate won’t be pretty, but we’ll deserve it.

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I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.