Is Benghazi Really Obama’s Watergate?

A friend asked how Benghazi differed from Watergate. Here’s the synopsis.

Ladies and Gentlemen - The President of the United States
Ladies and Gentlemen – The President of the United States

When the information dam broke on Watergate…
… and it became obvious the president was involved on the coverup, members of his own party told him they’d be inclined to join the Democrats in voting to impeach, and he’d be better off foreclosing the obvious result by resigning.

The only reason it became obvious was the entire press corps, after a long gap during which Woodward and Bernstein were ignored as crazy conspiracy theorists, picked up on the fact that the president played an active role in the coverup.

Once that happened, it was impossible for the story to go away and the end result of impeachment was in view, and the GOP made it clear that after impeachment they’d vote to convict… which would remove the president from office.
Though the coverup in the case of Benghazi is obvious…
…at least to anyone that’s paying attention, we lack two things Nixon had before him.

-1- We lack a press corps that will report it
-2- We lack any support for the truth in the president’s own party

Simply put neither the press nor Democrats have the integrity
The Democrats will, not, despite all evidence, call a spade a spade. The media has already and WILL CONTINUE to actively participate in the coverup. They just have too much invested in “the election of the first black president” to let him go down in flames for being the conniving incompetent SOB who was willing to pretend Benghazi didn’t happen to advance his own fairy tale that he’d “defeated” Al Qaida.

He’d waved Bin Laden’s dead body like a foam “Number 1” finger for an entire week, and wasn’t about to let that act go to waste just because rumors of Al Qaida’s death were exaggerated.

Benghazi gave lie to their entire convention theme…
…and getting into a gunfight in Libya would’ve proved it. He knew he could rely on his cheerleader media to help him construct an alternate reality long enough to get past the election and put time between himself and the deed. Then he could just yawn and claim “that’s old news, are you still yammering about that?” Carney has already shifted into that mode.

Before this he’d gotten away with claiming…
… he knew nothing about Fast and Furious. Then he hid evidence of the Fast and Furious coverup with Executive Privilege. Notwithstanding that those are mutually exclusive positions, the press didn’t call him on it, despite there being a body count involved.

Now he has been allowed to literally call off our troops from saving a diplomatic mission under siege, and sacked General Ham and Admiral Gaouette for attempting to ignore that order, and almost assuredly tried to blackmail General Petraus with a scandal to buy his complicity. There’s no reading of the events that doesn’t scream coverup… and in absence of a press corps willing to call his hand and force the Dems to acknowledge the truth, he WILL get away with it.

So basically, NO…┬ádespite any stuff you see
… about Benghazi being Obama’s Watergate, he isn’t going to be impeached, and getting away with murder will only embolden him to do even worse things using a complicit press as a shield. If you think he was dangerous before, watch what happens when this blows over.

CAVEAT: The only possible way the scenario above fails and he gets called on this is if the GOP holds the House and takes the Senate in the 2014 midterm. If that happens he could be impeached (the vote to convict has gotta happen in the Senate). If that happens or even appears likely… there might actually be a shooting war on US soil.

I don’t believe he’ll leave office prematurely without attempting force. There might suddenly be a “crisis” that requires implementation of martial law. You know… for the sake of the children and to save representative democracy.

[The man isn’t just incompetent, he’s evil.]

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

Benghazi: the trifecta of screwups

Despite White House assurances we’d been given information as fast as they got it, there are now emails hitting the press that indicate they have lied to us from the start.

This is the trifect of screwups. They mishandled this beforehand, during, and after the raid. Each raises issues that should be binding constraints not just on Obama, but on the careers of all involved, especially Hillary and Ambassador Susan Rice.

The consulate did not come CLOSE to the minimum State Dept specs. DC had to sign waivers to allow that to happen at all. On top of this, we now have the plaintive emails of the ambassador and others pleading for more security personnel, and they were rebuffed. They were placed in harms way without protection at a time when the UK and NGOs had pulled out due to heightened danger.

There was near immediate realtime notification in DC. Hundreds were in the email loop. The station was under attack. The battle lasted a total of 6-7 hrs between the two locations. More could have been done, and yet we hear excuses about needing permission for overflight from the Libyan government? We should have moved heaven and earth, and we had assets across the Med that would have been more than sufficient. Essentially our personnel watched in realtime as our station was overrun.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, our administration went with a scantily thin coverup the next day about the raid actually being a protest about a video that got out of hand. Then the President criticized His political opponent for talking about the fiasco, skipped his intel briefing, and fleww off to a campaign fundraiser in Vegas.

For weeks the administration clung to and perpetuated the thin tale about a protest gone wild. They sent Susan Rice out to 7 talk shows. hillary Clinton told the tale. The President mentined the video multiple times in a UN speech. jay Carney assured us it was about the video. Yet all of them knew better. They lied.

The errors beforehand should kill Careers. The errors during killed diplomats. The coverup should send people to jail. It was bad enough to set up the problem. It was extreme dereliction of duty to let the people die, but that wasnt on purpose, it was just what happens when you put a rookie freshman congressman with a community organizer pedigree in a position of extreme responsibility. He choked.

The coverup was the crowning insult
This makes Watergate look so small. Watergate was a coverup of an insignificant burglary. The Benghazi coverup was a politically motivated lie with a bodycount.

It is time for heads of all involved to roll… Legally speaking. Lying just to maintain the silly fantasy that al queda is on the run is wrong, and eclipses any lies Nixon told. Nixon lost his job. That fate now awaits Obama.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.