Note to RW: The meek will inherit the earth, but do you REALLY wanna wait that long?

I’d reiterate to the right that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot every time we field a candidate designed to appeal to the fringe in the middle that often votes for the left. If a voter leans left, know what they REALLY want? ANSWER: The guy the left nominated.

There is a low enough voter turnout overall that either side could win a landslide IF they could turn out most of their natural base. We’ve avoided fielding a hardcore conservative for 2 cycles because we don’t want to offend the left. The result has been to alienate the base. They stayed home. Game/set/match.

Does the left field people aimed to appease the right? NO. As a result, the right’s lost two elections in a row. The left’s candidate isn’t making even a modest effort to appease us, they’re just trying to turn out their base.

ermey2I say offend the living hell outta the left. Nominate a fire-breathing / hardcore / take-no-prisoners rightwing candidate that eats lefties for breakfast then picks his teeth with their bones before napping contentedly on their vanquished carcass.

Think R Lee Ermey in a suit. In a bad mood. Those of you that haven’t ever stood on yellow footprints can cover your eyes for the rest of this line… but  I would like to see a candidate that uses the word “skull-fuck” in proper context in the course of a presidential debate.

Screw timidity. The meek will inherit the earth when the bold are done with it. Grow a pair ladies, it’s time to take the gloves off.


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.