In just under 30 races, Kasich has won zero state primaries. He’s 2nd choice in few. But “states won” is not the deciding factor, it’s delegate count.

— Delegates required to win = 1237.
— Kasich has 63.
— Kasich needs 1174 more to win.
— There are 1392 delegates still out.

So a Kasich victory is mathematically possible if he holds the three opponents that have soundly beat him thus far to a combined total of 218 more delegates from here forward… and almost half that many will be allotted winner-take-all today in Florida to someone else.

Given most of the outstanding races award delegates proportionally, his path to victory, short of a brokered convention at which it is handed to him… Is for EVERY remaining opponent to drop out.

You couldnt find the Kasich path to victory with 2 flashlights and a bloodhound.

If he owns a calculator, he knows he isn’t running for president. He’s running to stop someone else from being president.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.