Breaking News: NBC Affiliate Run by Morons

The most amazing Cinderella story to hit Kentucky Derby history in ages. The horses flown over in jets by bazillionaires didnt win. The big name high-dollar horses didnt win.

They all got blown away (6 and a half lengths) by a horse that was transported to Louisville in a trailer behind a pickup from New Mexico by the trainer, who was sporting a broken leg. It was probably a $20,000 horse *before* the race. It won at 50 to 1 odds.

The jockey was still on the horse being interviewed, almost crying in the emotion of the moment when suddenly…

We interrupt this program to give you Breaking News!
A big-ass tent at Valley Ranch in which the Dallas Cowboys were practicing blew over. Here’s a live picture of the cloth building NOT standing. Now let’s go live to the scene, where whats-her-name is interviewing people about a tent blowing down.

Seriously, nobody cares. Nobody. You people are just too damned stupid to live.