Note to Dallas City Council and Chief Kunkel

To: Dallas City Council and Chief Kunkel
RE: Officer Robert Powell
Subj: Dismissal for “Conduct Unbecoming”

Exactly how long does it take to review a 20 minute video? If my math is right you can do it three times in one hour.

For ease of use, here’s the subject matter:

A review of the video is all it takes to decide this. I don’t care if Powell has also saved numerous kitties from trees… the public does NOT need to have an immature bully with a gun, a badge, and an “I can screw you over” attitude that is so ingrained he will verbalize it when he KNOWS he’s on tape.

Abuse under color of law is a VERY serious issue, and those that practice OR condone it are unfit to serve. That was NOT a traffic stop, that was assault with a deadly weapon.

I don’t know if Powell’s issues are with blacks, with blacks that are wealthier than him (aka: “uppity”), with *anyone* wealthier than him regardless of color, or just with anyone he thinks can power trip on. It doesn’t matter.

Simple fact:

He has issues that preclude handing him a gun and a badge with which to terrorize citizens.

Now that Texas has again had yet another 15 minutes of international shame thanks to a punk that anyone viewing the tape can see should have been cut during his initial psych eval… kindly do your job and get rid of him.

While you’re at it, get rid of ANY officer that considered his actions justifiable. It’d be a nice litmus test to detect power-tripping sociopaths. Correct answer: They were not.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.

Dallas Police Officer Needs to Be Removed

BTW – A serious note… y’all take a look at this story on HonestLoneStar’s blog.…mother-in-law/

I’d planned on addressing it on my blog already, but it’s a story about an idiot Dallas Police officer (Robert Powell) who decided to let a guy that broke some traffic laws rushing to the hospital for his wife’s mom’s dying moments spend those moments being harassed about running a red light.

Talk about abuse of power
This officer should have his picture in the dictionary beside the phrase.

Here is the news report including THE DASHCAM VIDEO.

A Bully with Anger Issues – “I can screw you over…”
The officer drew his weapon on the desperate flustered man and his wife for running a red light. The wife ignored the idiot and went into the hospital. The husband remained below as the officer screamed at him, said “I can screw you over”, threatened to jail him for running the red light, threatened to jail him for not being able to locate proof-of-insurance (the officer could have checked himself, they now have computer access to the database), told the man “Shut your mouth!”, and in general acted like a bully with anger issues instead of a public servant.

Lack of Discretion, Judgment, or Human Decency
Common sense dictated letting the guy go up to the hospital room. Several nurses and a Plano cop begged the officer to do that, assuring the officer that the patient the guy came to see was dying even as events unfolded… but he persisted. The mother-in-law DIED while the guy was downstairs being screamed at by this idiot who should never have given handed a badge and a gun. There is a responsibility that comes with the job, and this guy doesn’t get it.

Watch the Dash Video
After I saw it, like pretty much everyone else here I found the officers actions to be ridiculous, asinine, inhumane, pedantic, and contemptible. I support the police in the performance of their duties, I do not however support giving guns and badges to immature bullies with anger issues and a total lack of sense or compassion.

Dallas Police Chief Kunkel
Chief Kunkel is a local guy from Hurst, graduated from Bell a few years before I got outta local rival Trinity. Given his background you know he was raised to believe this kinda behavior is wrong. This officer simultaneously reinforced pretty much every negative stereotype about policemen that exists, and his fellow officers don’t deserve to be tarred by his brush.

It isn’t good for the department to have Powell out there. He demeans the badge, and it is a violation of their commitment to public safety to allow a little bully with anger issues and zero judgment running around with a badge and a gun abusing people under color of law. I have no doubt Chief Kunkel will give his actions the appropriate due diligence, then unceremoniously return the little bully to the ranks of the public he obviously holds in such contempt.