You expected NEWS? Are you not entertained?

It is confirmed FACT the USDA seeks to buy .40 cal submachine guns and Type III Body Armor.


BARNUM AND BAILEY POSTERSurely newsmen asked hard questions?
Googled USDA submachine guns…. hit button for “News”.

RESULT? ZERO networks opined. Not even Fox. Only blogs.

Another innocuous Executive agency arms for war, and unless cows shoot back the body armor suggests the targets of the close quarters combat weapons are US citizens.


And the news says nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip.
But take heart. “News” yields 71 million+ returns on the term “Bieber”.

Thanks to network news… we’ll never lack for bread and circuses
Well, given the hardware… maybe just circuses.

are you not entertained
Are you not entertained?
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.



When did Cartman become a New Mexico cop?


It’s funny when it’s just a kid in a cartoon.

It isn’t when it’s a supposedly grown man armed with a badge and a gun.

"You WILL respct may authoriteh!!!"
“You WILL respect my authoriteh!!!”

Here’s the story. A female in a van full of kids who clearly is not compliant with an officer on a traffic stop for going 71 in a 55mph zone. OK, most if not all of us have done that, but for that, she should be subject to penalties of law. But that’s where it all goes wrong.

Here’s the dash cam video of the incident shown in a news report.

Bottom line… she did wrong. She didn’t just speed, she also evaded arrest. What she did NOT do was endanger lives… for that we can thank the police, who crashed the windows and then fired on a minivan they knew carried five children, the youngest 5 years old.

A few questions for the cops there:

  • What possessed you to think the BEST option was shooting at a van full of children because their mom evaded a traffic ticket?
  • Is there just a little bit of a chance your reaction was disproportionate to the problem?
  • Did it occur to you a minivan with a huge full luggage rack probably wasnt going to blend in and disappear?
  • If many municipalities disallow high speed chases in such cases… does firing wildly in public thoroughfare sound a lot safer?
  • Did you consider we don’t give the death penalty for evading arrest at a traffic stop, much less being in the car with someone that tries?
  • Is the entire concept of “appropriate force” foreign to you?
  • Is there maybe a chance your out of control rage had more to do with someone failing to respect YOUR authority than the fact they broke a law?


There is no chance what appears on that clip is an appropriate response by law officers. Yes, cops have dangerous jobs. Yes, they should be paid more than rock stars and guys who read movie scripts. So should nurses and school teachers… but that’s another post. You took the job. You have to abide by the rules.

Bottom line you take on an awesome responsibility when you are issued a badge and a gun. We the public do not ASK, we REQUIRE that those carrying that authority be the adult in the discussion, not tyrannical obnoxious reckless trigger-happy maniacs.

If that’s an issue, no problem, just turn in the badge and the gun. You’re too stupid to carry either.

I'm Rob Jones, and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones, and I approve this message.