Susan Rice: Obama’s Pet Parrot

If you need a gauge by which to test Obama’s Arrogance

Consider the fact that as we hit the anniversary of the event she is famous for lying thru her teeth about… O dispatched Susan Rice to tell congress what is REALLY happening in Syria.

susan rice lies
Susan Rice, in her role as administration apologist, went on a BS tour a year ago attributing the Benghazi attack to pissed off movie critics. How could we possibly doubt her word?

Susan Rice? Her integrity is not “questionable”, it’s non-existent.

Of course in this administration that not only NOT a vice, when coupled with undying loyalty for The Boy King it is grounds for promotion to a cabinet position. Fortunately for Ms Rice, the title “National Security Adviser” goes for exactly 30 pieces of silver.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Is Tarentino Directing Foreign Policy Now?

Foreign-Policy Tarantino Style
Lately it’s looked like our foreign policy is being directed by Quentin Tarentino, once decreed a genius because some underling mislabeled the sequence of the reels before the Pulp Fiction premiere.

[No, that didn’t happen, but it’s a good theory.]

Foreign Policy Advisor Quentin Tarentino and cast at grand opening of "SYRIA!"
Foreign Policy Advisor Quentin Tarentino and cast at grand opening of “SYRIA!”

— First we’re gonna bomb Syria because diplomacy failed, we’re outta options, and he doesn’t need anyone’s permission.
— Then he started looking for a coalition to attack Syria.
— Then he asked Congress’s permission to attack Syria.
— Now he wants us to hold fire while he seeks a diplomatic solution before taking action.

I really hate sequels.