Rob Tessaro: Today’s Twitter Twit

Today on Twitter I was discussing the fact that gun free zones are a magnet for mass shooting. I ran into a TFI (that’s “total fucking idiot”) named Rob Tessaro, who used to work for Brady’s org, and now according to his Linked-In profile is President at Safe School Technologies. So he isn’t just a Koolaid drinker, he peddles the stuff.

At one point he claimed (and I quote, cut and paste) “John Lott admitted fabiracting statistics”. [Spelling is his, don’t blame me.]



He was asked to back his claim, and he supplied names of OTHERS who say Lott fabricated statistics , but oddly couldn’t offer anything that verified Lott admitted to fabricating (or fabiracting) statistics.

So Tessaro, when you find this on your next Google vanity search, I’m still laughing at the sheer stupidity of fabricating a claim about someone admitting to fabricating a claim.

Congrats: In my opinion you are the biggest idiot on Twitter, Rob Tessaro.

By the way… if this pisses you off, remember in a defamation suit, telling the truth is a great defense. But if you decide to send lawyers to harass me (ie – you tell your daddy on me), be aware that one of my FB friends is John Lott. I’d be happy to pass this on so his attorneys can play too. If so, hope you found your reference, cause it might become rather important.

Checkmate, junior. Have a nice day.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.