Obama Wants All to Pay Their Fair Share

America Goes to Lunch
Ten guys go to the America Bar & Grill. All order the same meal, except a few order a little extra “to-go”. The total bill was $100. Here’s how the payment of the bill went.

  • The guy in the custom suit paid $70.
  • The four guys with the newest cars chipped in a combined $28 between them.
  • The last five tossed out change totaling $2 (though the ones that got to-go meals went to the bathroom when the bill arrived).

When the guys who didn’t pay a penny returned from the bathroom, they were furious that the guy in the custom suit had clearly refused to pay his fair share.

In righteous indignation they picked up their to-go meals and stormed out.

Wait… If you think THAT sounds stupid
Then you REALLY don’t want to hear the 2012 State of the Union speech, where Barrack Obama defended the idea that the guy in the suit refused to pay his fair share.

The top 10% pays 70% of ALL income taxes 
The top 50% of income earners cover 98% of the entire tab. The other half of the nation pays only 2% of the bill, with those that consume taxpayer funded social services paying nothing.

Source: Kiplinger.com - Where do you rank as a taxpayer?

Now… what’s this about not paying “their fair share”?

Obama is one helluva public speaker
He has to be to make an argument that logically fallacious sound “inspiring” to some… but with an economy on its way to becoming Greece, we don’t need a good speaker, we need a President that understands economics (or at least simple math).

Anyone that bought into his “Warren Buffet’s secretary” argument needs to hide their head, or at the very least buy a dictionary and a math book.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.