Thoughts, and a nice glass of wine…

Catching Up

Note that I didn’t say “and a glass of NICE  wine”. A minor semantic differentiation, but when you buy wine in a box generically labelled “Trailer Park Baby Starter” you make allowances. Doesn’t matter to me, my taste buds were raped years ago thru years of abuse in college. I could probably drink motor oil with a hint of alcohol and it wouldn’t make a difference.

On the bright side this stuff can also be used to strip paint if needed. Still the glass I’m drinking it from IS really nice.

Your Point is?

Point? Why start making a point now? If you’ve read this blog before you know lucidity is my major strongpoint anyway. Still I had an email asking if I’d quit blogging because I was depressed about the election, so I figured I oughta come out of seclusion and explain that I’m not staying silent due to an electoral disappointment, those come n go, and nobody wins ’em all.

That said, frankly I suspect if Obama is as smart as his supporters have told us he’d be asking for a recount before going into office… cause he’s gonna have a lot on his plate come January. Whether I voted for him or not, he IS our next Pres and I wish him the best of luck, cause he’s damned sure gonna need it.

A Weekend at Bernies… DC Style

Meanwhile as his term approaches, the DNC heavy brain trust we’ve previously elected to office in DC is pondering deep elected kinda thoughts, like whether to squander our grandchildren’s future propping up dead companies or to throw in our great-grandchildren’s future too. It looks like Congress is doing a command performance of “A Weekend at Bernies” and trying to play like all kinds of dead corporations are still alive by handing them tax dollars.

Personally I think they have a great idea, because everyone knows if you find you’re riding a dead horse the best thing to do is pay unfathomable sums to whoever killed it so it can come magically back to life and stride boldly through the trails again. Reality as seen by Congress. 

Still More Hogs Line Up at the Bailout Trough

It was a nice touch to see the auto execs show up to ask for welfare… ferried there by private jets at an average cost of $20,000 a pop. Our privileged class is so outta touch with reality it didnt even occur to them we’d notice. As one Congressman said, it was like showing up for a meal at a soup kitchen in a top-hat and tails.

That said… hide and watch, not only will Congress give them funds… they will bitch for the cameras about their failure to show that they have any plan to change the practices that have caused them to hemmorage cash, make lots of headlines… then they will give them more than they asked for without requiring them to do anything different fron the practices that have failed in the past.  


Tradition. We traditionally fill Congress with the biggest idiots on the freakin’ planet. I don’t know why WE do that, I just know it is true. The only difference between the GOP in congress and the DNC appears to be who they give stolen money to and who they take bribes from. They are two sides of the same devalued coin.

Until we quit sending total blithering idiots to make our laws and direct our tax dollars, we can forget seeing anything come outta DC that makes sense.  

All told, the more I watch DC the more I cringe. The bailout has been given a new name (thanks, that makes it SO much better), is not even being used for the supposed reason it was voted for (the toxic mortgages), IS being used to fund billions in bonuses for the people that drove their ships onto the rocks (remember all the great soundbites the politicians gave us on that? They meant nothing)… and we wonder why our economy is in tatters.

Dang… I can still see the page. Need more wine. LOL


I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts, and a nice glass of wine…

  1. Guess what? Here’s the British version:
    “Senior figures from the UK’s car and construction industries have met with ministers to appeal for government assistance during the downturn.”

    I don’t see the British government handing out cash, though “the European Commission proposes to give at least five billion euros (£4.25bn) to the car industry to help develop green technologies.”


  2. From Jean’s link:

    The Prime Minister hosted a breakfast meeting with representatives from the housing and building sectors.

    They called on Gordon Brown to put more pressure on banks to make lending available to home owners.

    Homebuilders want more cash to continue building their rabbit hutches. Whack them up as quickly as possible, make a profit. What happened to good old fashioned quality?

    Wouldn’t like to have Obama’s job though, helluva clean up job.


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