WWGOD- What Would George Orwell Do?

Big Brother is Watching Your Twinkies
Tonite ABC news showed a segment on an elementary school in San Antonio Texas where the lunchroom has been equipped with cameras that record what each child puts on their lunch tray and cameras where they empty the tray afterward.

The cameras are equipped with visual recognition software that calculates the calories each child consumes. The software is said to be smart enough to adjust for a partially eaten apple.

This initiative is a part of a government funded 2 million dollar pilot program to create a pilot program that spends 2 million dollars in government funds. Oddly there was no mention that spending education dollars on smarter cameras might eat into the budget devoted to producing smarter kids.

Great, we needed more irony in our diet anyway.

This of course probably wouldn’t be necessary if kids actually played games that didn’t have batteries or plug into an outlet. Maybe we could cure the obesity thing with a few more games of dodge ball… unless somebody thinks getting hit with a rubber ball does more damage to their ego than becoming a candidate for the next season of “The Biggest Loser”.

Do we *really* have so much money in our education budget that this is considered a viable education expense? C’mon guys… repeat after me… reading, writing, arithmetic. If you’re just trying to find a place to spend extra dollars, consider spending it on the teachers.

3 thoughts on “WWGOD- What Would George Orwell Do?

  1. Why are we giving them choices? We don’t allow them to drive at 10, because they aren’t capable of making good decisions. We don’t allow them to drink at 10. We don’t allow them to vote, to stay out late, and a million other things that we KNOW they are too young to make good decisions about. But we let them make food decisions? YEAH BABY! TWINKIES RULE! GIVE ME A CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW SANDWICH! And yes, I realize this sort of thinking is what keeps me out of the running for $2 million research projects.


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