WHY Is Konni Burton Afraid to Debate?

The recent Tarrant County Conservative Candidate Fair was a well attended event, BUT. The plurality for the Senate District 10 race went to Konni Burton.

Konni is running on the “I know Ted Cruz personally because I campaigned for him” platform. She’s never actually held political office, never legislated. Has no business experience to speak of, experience meeting payrolls, etc. None of the personal accomplishment that normally accompanies a political resume.

That notwithstanding, simply having pictures of you standing by Ted Cruz may in some cases be sufficient when you’re talking only to die-hard tea party types.

Likely not with the rest of the public, so for the general election whoever we nominate better have some personal cred,  not just reflected glory from someone else.

Hopefully her fans will discover some actual qualification she has not yet told us about. Between you and me, I know people that helped get Bush elected, and they aren’t pretending that is a qualification to be HANDED a senate seat without other qualifying credentials.

You won’t hear about her depth of qualifying attributes  if you watch the ad video she just put out. In that she stresses only that she is “the only true conservative in the race”… then cuts to a picture of her standing beside Cruz.

[Wait. ONLY Conservative? She learned nothing from Wendy Davis puffed bio escapade.]

Meanwhile KONNI BURTON begged off attending THE ONLY DEBATE set for SD10… on February 10.

Konni Burton won't attend debateThat’s right… the one who wants us to think Cruz’s reflected glory qualifies her for a senate seat as her FIRST public elective office isn’t showing up for a debate. Wow.

Somebody needs to re-think that campaign, or grow a pair and make it to the debate. We can’t afford a senator that isn’t capable of expressing themself and prevailing.

KONNI BURTON… why won’t you attend the ONLY debate?

Funny. I never saw Ted Cruz run from a fight.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

7 thoughts on “WHY Is Konni Burton Afraid to Debate?

    1. Politically it would be bad for her to follow a win among the faithful by getting trounced in a debate. Having heard her at forums, she’s pretty much lost if you bring up ANY topic but abortion.

      Problem is… do we want a senator that knows they can’t hold their ground in a debate? That’s kind of what senators need to be good at.


      1. These days it seems like senators only need to be good at fundraising, looking good on camera, spending money and telling lies. Debating is for people with intelligence, reason and convictions…or at least the ability to read a teleprompter. Perhaps she’s following the quote “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.


  1. Konni Burton? You mean the ONLY conservative in the race? Hahahaha, whe should dump Wendy Davis’s media team, lies like this won’t help her!


    1. It is kind of amazing that whereas in the wake of Wendy’s drama everyone else is clarifying their bio to avoid trouble, she’s going for that particular brass ring.

      There is simply no legitimate measure that suggests she’s the only true conservative in the race. It’s asinine to make the claim.


  2. Rob jones: What are your qualifications before you attack Konni; did Pompa pay you any money to relish crap like this? Or, are you a naturally-born one? I gues you’re just jealous from Konni; go get a job…


    1. I’m curious, what qualifications are needed to notice the same people who criticized Stickland’s opponent for not debating (that was remedied last week) EXCUSE Konni for skipping the only debate?

      That only requires the power of observation.

      Then again, you can’t figure out from this blog that
      — (a) I already have a job and
      — (b) I didn’t endorse Pompa…
      so you must consider observation a superpower (along with spelling and grammar skills).

      Feel free to reply once you finish stuffing straw into your next argument. Should be entertaining. :-)


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