Bring out your dead!

There are 29.9 million people in Texas. Reports say approximately 1000 are dead of Covid-19. That’s 1 in 29,900.

Odds I’ll be hit by LIGHTNING in my lifetime?

1 in 3000. Roughly 10 times higher. So when IS government going to do something to mitigate this Lightning Pandemic?

No, I’m NOT belittling the value of the lives lost. I’m putting it in perspective, because, let’s face it, people die of something every day. Does getting in your car mean you don’t care about the 3000+ people who die on Texas highways every year?

What? You still drive? You selfish bastard. It isn’t just about YOUR safety. By driving you could kill my grandmother. Or is that your plan? Hmmm?

No matter how hard the news spins this thing, we are not seeing people with oxcarts collecting bodies from house to house. Instead, we are seeing the equivalent of a bad flu season.

The US… as depicted by our news media.

Even then most of it is centered in the Northeast states, so expecting Texans to hide out because the death roll in far away high-rises is bad is statistically heretical.

Take what precautions you think necessary, but no matter what you do, the only people safe from death are those who already died.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approved this post.

Greg Abbott: Hates Children, Puppies… Loves Rapists

ABBOTT: Loves rapists, fatcats. Hates children. Can't stand.
ABBOTT: Loves rapists, fatcats. Hates children. Can’t stand.

GREG ABBOTT – As Texas Attorney General

  • * He dropped charges against rapists statewide.
  • * He tried to make wife-beating legal.
  • * Twice sued to have children’s piggy banks confiscated & distributed to his fatcat friends.

Plus… Greg Abbott hates puppies. Yes. He really does.


WENDY: Loves children, puppies, & people.  NOT cripple.
WENDY: Loves children, puppies, & people.
NOT cripple.

WENDY DAVIS – Born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes with cute pink tennies… surrounded by bipartisan wise men, Wendy Davis loves puppies and children.

Wendy Davis has devoted most of her life to doing good for humanity, and the parts she didn’t, she can explain. And Wendy isn’t a cripple. She has fashionable running shoes, AND can use them.

And her smile makes flowers bloom.


If not, you hate women.*
*Paid for by Wendy for Holy & Not at All Cynical & Nasty Governor Fund

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Abortion Barbie Campaign Implosion

Wendy Davis is slinging arrows again… but this time at her own party
The Democratic Governors Association failed to list her campaign as a priority target, and openly stated she had little chance of winning. Wendy is not a happy camper, and is lashing out.


Even left leaning polls show her trailing her opponent by double digits…
… and despite her claims that she represents Texas women (and her supporters’ insistence she owns
the demographic)
… Those same polls show her down by 8 points among Texas women. Oops.

Her communications director just abruptly resigned
One has to wonder why he didn’t do so back when she made the statement her opponent (who is confined to a wheelchair) has not “walked a mile in her shoes”. That and her “Stand with Wendy” slogan are at minimum pretty tone deaf given she’s part of the party of political correctness.

stand with wendyTrojan Horse Factor
Wendy was previously a Texas Senator, and in her 2012 run her campaign criticized her opponent for getting a lot of donations from outside the district. [He had some big donors in Austin TX.]

Yet Wendy’s current campaign has been heavy with folks associated with Obama campaigns… and early on her finance reports showed 60% of her donors were not Texas residents.

Apparently Texans aren’t wild about electing a Trojan Horse loaded with failed ideas crafted out of state and funds originating from DC, Chicago, NYC, etc.

Gosh, who could’ve predicted that?
Texans don’t like carpetbaggers… or “do as I say not as I do” rhetoric. Sorry Wendy, maybe you should try running in California or some other state where your big government message resonates with voters. Texas isn’t for you.

Anyone that disagrees… feel free to bet me a steak dinner she’s elected.
By the way… I’ll take my steak rare.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Vote SKINNER – Senate Dist 10 Tuesday March 4



This is the primary, but in a NORMAL year the winner of the GOP primary will probably win the race. There are FIVE running in the GOP primary, and as I stated in my endorsement, I believe Mark SKINNER is the best qualified of the lot. He isn’t the one with all the big name endorsements, he’s the one with actual experience and a track record of excellence running a TRUE grassroots campaign.

Typically less than 1 in 10 registered voters will show up for the primary. That means your vote not only counts, the value is multiplied by TEN. You could literally sway an election if your entire circle of friends gets active and starts inviting people, and getting them to invite people to vote.

Here’s a map to the polls:

With 5 running in the primary, this vote will be split MANY directions and I doubt any one candidate will get over 50%, so there will probably be a runoff. But here’s the trick… if you don’t at least make the runoff, GAME OVER.

google_plus_mark_skinnerMark’s the kind of person we can seldom talk into getting involved in a role like this. We have a good opportunity to get someone in this role, previously held by a liberal Democrat, and get Tarrant County some REAL representation in Austin.

I can’t tell you SKINNER will win if you vote for him, but simply put, if you and your friends don’t, he probably won’t. Races don’t automatically go to the best qualified, they go to the person that gets people to show up. If you get people to show up to vote for SKINNER… maybe we can have a happy coincidence where the best person DOES win.

Take the time to make it out to vote. This is a good cause.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Texas Senate Race – Some don’t take the easy road…

SD10 GOP Candidates L-R: Tony Pompa, Mark Skinner, Jon Schweitzer
L-R: Tony Pompa, Mark Skinner, Jon Schweitzer

Nice that three of the FIVE running for Texas Senate District 10 GOP nomination made the effort to attend the ONLY debate. I’ve been in political debates. It isn’t easy to put yourself on the line, but for the record, I doubt being a state Senator is a job we want to award someone that prefers the easy route.

Those that only attend echo chambers where they are loved (and won’t face hard questions) are telegraphing what kind of legislator they’d be.

Kudos to Skinner, Pompa and Schweitzer for not taking the easy route.

Skinner with UTA student post debate
Skinner with UTA student post debate

As for Burton and Shelton, neither of whom attended… hope you had a comfortable chair. Burton was seen at a Tea Party monthly meeting. Most of their leadership has already endorsed her and she wasn’t the main speaker. Yeah, that’s more important than debate. Debates are hard.

I’ve already stated my preference for Skinner… but I appreciate the fact that there are a couple in the race with him who, like Skinner, aren’t avoiding hard questions.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

Why Won’t Konni Burton Debate Mark Skinner?

konni n ted
Konni Burton:  Project “Reflected Glory”

As mentioned in the prior post, the ONLY debate for the Senate District 10 race happens Monday, and Konni Burton is begging off due to a “prior engagement”.

Politically it’s probably best for HER to avoid the debate. Once  off the topic of abortion, she’s pretty lost. I’ve heard her speak at forums, and even with nobody firing back she isn’t that strong.

That said, she’s running largely on Ted Cruz reflected glory… and I never saw Ted Cruz  run from a fight.

Skinner: Campaigning on his own merit.
Skinner: Campaigning on his own merit.

Before we make someone a Senator…
VOTERS deserve to know they have the requisite abilities. She’s already missing the typical personal accomplishment we’d expect of someone running for Senate… no extensive business experience, no prior legislative office… so it IS in voters best interest for her to attend this debate Monday, even if it might not be in hers.

Peyton Manning: Wishes he’d skipped game and we just assumed he’d have won if he was there.

If instead she goes the path of political expedience, does this not tell us something? What engagement is more important than the ONLY debate?

Debating is something actual senators have GOT to do… 
If she can’t hack a debate against Skinner and others in her own party, how would she do against the opposing party in the Texas Senate?




OH WAIT! This just in!
I’ve been quietly assured that if she had time to be there, Konni would win.

And somewhere, Peyton Manning is saying… “Dang! Why didn’t I think of that?”

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

WHY Is Konni Burton Afraid to Debate?

The recent Tarrant County Conservative Candidate Fair was a well attended event, BUT. The plurality for the Senate District 10 race went to Konni Burton.

Konni is running on the “I know Ted Cruz personally because I campaigned for him” platform. She’s never actually held political office, never legislated. Has no business experience to speak of, experience meeting payrolls, etc. None of the personal accomplishment that normally accompanies a political resume.

That notwithstanding, simply having pictures of you standing by Ted Cruz may in some cases be sufficient when you’re talking only to die-hard tea party types.

Likely not with the rest of the public, so for the general election whoever we nominate better have some personal cred,  not just reflected glory from someone else.

Hopefully her fans will discover some actual qualification she has not yet told us about. Between you and me, I know people that helped get Bush elected, and they aren’t pretending that is a qualification to be HANDED a senate seat without other qualifying credentials.

You won’t hear about her depth of qualifying attributes  if you watch the ad video she just put out. In that she stresses only that she is “the only true conservative in the race”… then cuts to a picture of her standing beside Cruz.

[Wait. ONLY Conservative? She learned nothing from Wendy Davis puffed bio escapade.]

Meanwhile KONNI BURTON begged off attending THE ONLY DEBATE set for SD10… on February 10.

Konni Burton won't attend debateThat’s right… the one who wants us to think Cruz’s reflected glory qualifies her for a senate seat as her FIRST public elective office isn’t showing up for a debate. Wow.

Somebody needs to re-think that campaign, or grow a pair and make it to the debate. We can’t afford a senator that isn’t capable of expressing themself and prevailing.

KONNI BURTON… why won’t you attend the ONLY debate?

Funny. I never saw Ted Cruz run from a fight.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.