CBS Stirs Racial Pot: Sensational / Misleading Headlines on Tony Robinson

QUOTE FROM CBS ARTICLE… “A child, somebody’s child is dead. Shot dead by a police officer. There are no other facts that are really important. The fact that he was unarmed and that he was shot five times,” Brandi Grayson, member of the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition, told CBS affiliate WISC-TV in Madison.


a child is dead-  CBS News

NOTE 1: No… other facts ARE important… like… oh… was the “child” fresh off committing one violent crime and in the process of committing another when shot?

NOTE 2: What the hell is the point of calling a 19 yr old that was convicted of a violent felony (armed home invasion) less than 5 months ago “a child”? [Answer? It’s a great way to stir the pot.]

NOTE 3: Don’t tell me “We all make mistakes”. A typo is “a mistake”. Pushing on a door marked PULL is “a mistake”. Assault is “a felony”. Armed robbery is “a felony”. Learn the difference.

NOTE 4: Thank you CBS for showing clearly you are not journalists, just in the business of stirring racial strife for profit. I hope your butt grows together.

Eric Holder’s Justice Dept wants nothing more than to be able to convict some white guy of “hunting” poor defenseless blacks. They have tried and failed now on multiple occasions, sensationalizing the Mike Brown death, the Trayvon Martin death, and others. Then after they intentionally inflamed the public, they eventually had to eat crow and admit there was no case.

The ARE unjust cop actions out there. That warrants skepticism & due dilligence. Facts however do NOT support this BS about cops routinely hunting and killing unarmed black “children”.

Stirring the racial pot with gallactically misleading headlines and starting stories with obscenely stupid quotes won’t fix the real problem.

The DOJ has confirmed that the Ferguson “Hands up don’t shoot” narrative was a lie. Didn’t happen. Maybe our best bet is to quit trying cases on Twitter and newspapers and let the courts do their job.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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