The truth about Benghazi


1 – Our “Commander in chief” responded to a 6 hour attack on American soil {our consulate in Benghazi} which resulted in the death of our ambassador and 3 staffers by skipping his intel briefing and going to a previously scheduled campaign party in Las Vegas.

2- In MANY MULTIPLE VENUES, including a speech at the UN by the president, the administration then projects the lie that the deaths were the result of a spontaneous demonstration about an anti-islam tape which got out of hand.

3- A guy that created the video on which this was blamed was publicly arrested, perp walked for cameras so the international community saw we were trying to take care of the problem.

4- Subsequent information proves that we had real time evidence the was NEVER a demonstration at the Benghazi compound, AND the administration knew while it was happening that this was a planned attack ON 9/11… not some spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand.

Bottom line

Our president, who says he gave us all the information about this attack as it occurred…  lied thru his teeth.

The information that was given to the UN and to the US public was horse-shit. Period.

The president, Barack Obama, is a liar. End of story.

His secretary of state, a woman, has more balls, as she claimed “the buck stops here” before the president did. I don’t remember Harry Truman telling us the buck stopped at the secretary of state’s desk, especially when evidence show the president knows he is misleading us.



Ambassador Chris Stevens had been sending plaintive requests to the administration for MONTHS asking for more security, pointing out that Al Queda was on the move. Our president chose to ignore this because his public statements included the promise that “bin Laden is dead and Al Qeuda is on their heels.”

Our president lied for political reasons. Let me remind you that we as a nation sent people to federal prison for the Watergate cover up.


Subsequent references by Obama to this event were referred to by the president as “bumps in the road” and in the next instance… “not optimal”. Yes sir, Mr President… we will all agree the situation is not optimal.

For the situation to be “optimal”, we need a commander in chief that is more interested in doing his damned job than appearing on David Letterman, you useless prick.

MEANWHILE – Let’s Talk About “Binders” Instead

The Democrats think we should be offended because when he gathered his staff, in order to get a decent representation of women on his staff Governor Romney required the creation of “binders” full of potential candidates. Yeah, I find the use of the word “binders” SO much more offensive than committing Americans to jobs where we then get them KILLED, then going on to a campaign fundraiser.


Well, if I really held that view I’d say it was because I was an idiot. Make your own call.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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