Do we need more spineless opportunists?

Right now the race to replace Wendy Davis in Texas Senate District 10 appears to be between Mark Skinner and Konni Burton.

I understand Mark Shelton has announced a candidacy, but he hasnt been showing up for the candidate forums. Either he isnt really running or he is under the impression that having been the one that ran against her last time he isn’t required to show up, as he’s above it.

Frankly my thought is if you lost a race to a rabid liberal in Tarrant County, not only are you NOT above talking to the public, you have a little explaining to do, Dr Shelton.  How hard was it to beat an unknown Democrat in Tarrant County? I don’t know what you did, but you did it wrong.

But now that Wendy has had her 15 minutes of fame, she thinks she’s so immensely popular she could be our next governor. Frankly I suspect she is incorrect in thinking her supporters in New York, California, DC, Massachusetts and Illinois actually translate to voters in Texas… but if she wants to believe it, good deal. The senate district will be taken by a Texan and then she’ll get whipped like a rented mule by Greg Abbott.

chickensSo now I hear rumblings that if Wendy goes for the governor’s mansion, some guys that were afraid to face Wendy Davis will enter the Senate District 10 race as prospective GOP nominees.

Here’s the deal, boys. Mark and Konni had the cojones to face Wendy.

You didn’t.

In a nutshell… we have enough indecisive opportunists in government.

If you didn’t have the fortitude to face Davis… you don’t have the fortitude to represent Tarrant County in Austin. I don’t care how much money you have or what your name is… you’ve already illustrated what you are by hanging back until the well funded liberal with the media flurry got out of the race.

So save us the contrived answer why you NOW want to get in the race. The answer is cowardice.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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