Which side of the War on Terror is Obama on?

Here’s an interesting paired occurrence that brings into question which side of the War on Terror we are actually on.

-1- US announces $47 million in Humanitarian aid to Hamas

LINK: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/21/us-to-send-47m-in-humanitarian-aid-to-gaza-strip/

So John Kerry, without a discussion in Congress, announces the US will hand $47 million to Palestine. But Palestine is run by Hamas. Hamas is on the US list of terrorist entities. We can’t even legally negotiate with terrorists, but we are giving them $47 million dollars.

-2- Israel Needs Funds for Iron Dome… Administration ties it to Mexican Border Bill

Israel, our chief ally in the middle east, has been firing thousands of missiles from their “Iron Dome” defense to intercept Hamas rockets being fired from Gaza. Rockets being fired by the same guys we just handed 47 million bucks. The incredible effectiveness of the iron dome defense is the only reason we are not seeing thousands of pics of mangled Israelis.

So rather than announce we have our friends back… the Senate, at the bidding of the Obama administration, tied assisting them to the administration’s preferred bill dealing with the issue on the US-Mexico border.

So hey Israel… sorry this is a life or death situation for your civilians, but we have some internal political games to play. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas Hamas. Don’t worry about that whole “terrorist” designation. Obama has a phone and a pen, ya know.


Obama_binLadenDead“Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive! Al Qaida is on the run!”

It was the theme of the 2012 campaign. Liberals everywhere got a thrill up their little legs imagining the brawny Obama personally dispatching Osama bin Laden while Navy SEALs stood by in awe of his virile masculinity. And of course they tastefully averted their eyes when Al Qiada popped up in Ben Ghazi and put a rest to the idea they were weakened by or marginally afraid of President MomJeans.

So though Obama likes to pretend he won the war on terror…

… the simple fact is the other side is still fighting and we retreated. In that respect we “won the war on terror” roughly like we “won” in Vietnam. Our military did their job, but our civilian leadership betrayed them. It’s like fighting a bear… you don’t quit when YOU get tired, you quit when the bear does.

So bottom line, by retreating he not only did not win, the war continues to grow. In fact, because he exited Iraq without a residual force agreement… ISIS has rapidly undone the gains our military paid for with blood.

We didn’t win… just become confused which side we are on 
Hamas is a terror group. That isn’t my opinion, that is official US policy. We are paying Hamas, while we screw with our ally, Israel, over assistance they need to stay alive.

So tell me, in the continuing war on terror… what side is our madras trained president really on?

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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