So we are NOT in a new cold war?

cand obamaAmong the many meaningless promises…
made in the process of an election that catapulted a junior senator with a propensity for making hard decisions by voting “present” to the top office in our nation… One stands out as particularly laughable.

That would be the promise to restore our global image around the world.

When he was running for office, papers in the US and around the world tittered about how he gave them goosebumps, and glowingly compared the effect he had on crowds to John Kennedy.

The guy talked one helluva game. He’d have the nation on wifi. We’d enter a new era of government transparency. DC lobbyists would all starve and die as they were shut out of the White House. The world would love us and respect us. The level of the seas would respond to his presence.

Enter stage left: REALITY

We are laughed at by Russia…
as Vlad Putin fans the dead embers of the cold war into a toasty flame while grabbing real estate in Ukraine and thumbing his nose at the boy who prefers golf and fundraisers to leadership.

The president went on TV in response and blusters about what he “will not allow”, but in the same speech took military action off the table. [Yeah, that’ll scare the heck out of ’em.]

In Europe…
Obama threatens Russia with economic sanctions, but Europe shops at Vlad’s gas station. The strongest economic power in Europe is Germany, and Angela Merkel doesn’t trust Obama as far as she can throw him since it was revealed we were spying on her phone conversations. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Europe to back our play.

Our southern border …
is under a full frontal assault because our president used his pen and his phone to ignore existing law, setting off a dog-whistle of amnesty heard all over the American continent.

In Syria…
we provided material assistance to rebels to fight their dictator despite their ties to Al Qaida. Syrian rebels have now branched into Iraq and are committing atrocities.

In Iraq…
the Syrian rebels are led by a man that was in US custody when Obama took office. He is steadily taking over the country… also in US custody when Obama took office. We left without a status of forces agreement that gave us a presence beyond an embassy.

In Israel…
a country that is our strongest ally in the region, we have provided material aid to their enemy, Hamas. Even though Hamas was designated a terrorist group by the Clinton State Dept as early as the 90s.

Our repeated insistence on a ceasefire in Gaza resulted in multiple 1-sided ceasefires, where rockets from Gaza continued to fly into Israel. As a result their president, who was proven correct in the process, openly told ours to never second guess him on the subject again. Israeli journalists openly refer to Our Sec of State as “nebbish”. Basically that’s Yiddish for “big pussy”.

In Libya…
we watched our Ambassador and several others die as we did absolutely nothing. Several general officers in our military were removed from office for unrelated reasons immediately afterward. Not because they defied orders to avoid interfering. Right?

Our military…
…has been reduced to statuses comparable to our standing pre-WW2. In addition to a purge of general staff, thousands of experienced field officers (Captains and Majors) are in the process of being booted.

This of course is due to “budget cuts” and is in no way associated with anyone failing the litmus test of whether they would agree to fire on their own countrymen if ordered. Meanwhile our ability to fund more and more welfare programs is apparently limitless.

10-23-1962Obama says we are NOT facing a new cold war
That is bull. He says it only because saying otherwise simply points out that in an debate with Romney… Public opinion and the press may have favored Obama, but history favors Romney.

So much for “reset”. Our world standing has gone from being feared to being a joke. Not only do our enemies not fear us, our allies don’t trust us.

And they are both right.

If a football team has a known weak player in a defensive position, the offense will take advantage of it by repeatedly choosing plays that press hard on his zone. That tendency is not limited to the field of sports.

We are going to see a repeat of the behavior that led to the Cuban missile crisis. Before Obama leaves office, Putin will test us by wiping his muddy feet on the Monroe Doctrine and establishing bases in the Western Hemisphere.

Hide and watch.

Oh… And “happy Sunday morning” to you.

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.

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